Project 365 - Week 50 - 50/52

6th November - 12th December / Week 50

I usually date my photo's with what number day we are on but sometime during the last few weeks I have mixed them up so going to date them instead, ha ha! 

Sunday 6th December
Our day started at 2am as Noah decided he didn't want to sleep and was complaining of a sore tummy. I gave him a good stomach massage and it seemed to ease it a little but then he didn't really want to go back to sleep.

Monday 7th December
On Monday there was a Christmas Craft session in the afternoon at Playgroup. Noah has so much fun making Christmas cards and decorations though he was confused at why the car cars weren't out and did keep asking for them. We had a great day but that evening Noah dropped a toy on his already sore toe so we had to take him A&E. They did an x ray but his toe was fine, just bruised, swollen and very sore. They bandaged it up and we were on our way.

Tuesday 8th December
After a late night at A&E we had a lazy day and Tuesday started with Breakfast in bed which made Noah very happy! Crumpets, banana's and a cup of tea (for me) while we woke up, talk about bliss! We spent the rest of the day playing and reading. 

Wednesday 9th November
I did it, I finally did it. On Weds I finally had all my hair cut off to donate to the Little Princess Trust. This is something I had been wanting to do for years and I am so glad that I have finally gone and done it. I've not had hair like this, ever so it's taking a while to get used to it being so short but I love it and I feel good about it too!

Thursday 10th December
My sister emigrated to America a few months ago and on Thursday she married her partner over there. It's sad we couldn't be there but we were able to watch it live via Skype which was amazing! 

Friday 11th December
Friday was a rather lazy day as not only are Noah and I still full of colds but the weather is so horrible out, constant rain and so bitter cold. We did visit family and went out for a meal in the evening though which was nice. 

Saturday 12th December
The weather was awful again as there's a lot of flooding near us. We aren't affected thankfully but we do have a lot of rain so there's not much we can do outside. We decided to do a spot of shopping and visit the family and then had a take out when Noah was in bed. I love this photo of Noah and Milo, he's such a little animal lover.

How has your week been? 

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