A New Year a New Me

Every year I make New Years Resolutions but usually I don't stick to them. When the clock stuck midnight on NYE I felt different this time and I new 2016 would be a year of changes for me, changes I would stick to. 

I made a note of my New Years Resolutions in my journal but I thought I would share a few here too to let you know how I am getting on them and what I'm going to be doing next.

Hair cut
Okay so this probably doesn't sound like a big deal, it's just a hair cut but there's more to it than that. For the past ten years I've wanted to have a drastic change when i comes to my hair and I also wanted to donate it. I finally did it a few months ago when I had over 10 inches cut from my hair. I then donated it to the Little Princess Trust who make wigs for Children who have Cancer. It felt great to do it for myself and for the charity. If you are thinking about donating then please read more about it on the website.

Lose weight

I put on almost three stone when I was pregnant and for the past two years I've been trying to shift the weight. I can't say that I had been trying hard because I would soon lose motivation but again I felt differently this year and I knew I was going to stick at this time. 2 months into Slimming World and I have finally lost my first stone and I couldn't be happier!

Dental work

Last but not least is dental work. I sucked my thumb as a child which gave me crooked teeth so I've always felt self conscious about them. The Centre for Advanced Denistry offer expertise across a wide range of treatments and provide a friendly yet professional service. I can't wait to have another goal ticked from my new year, new me resolutions.

Have you been sticking to your New Years Resolutions?

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  1. This hairstyle suits you..I haven't made any New Year's resolution...

  2. hope your fullfilling all your new year resolutions for you to be a new you this year x

  3. I am sticking to mine
    Not always saying yes and more relaxing time hope yours are going well too

  4. I am sticking to mine
    Not always saying yes and more relaxing time hope yours are going well too

  5. I have just put my hair in a ponytail and cut it off ready to send to a charity for wig making. I will, of course, get the hairdresser to tidy up what is left very soon!

    I sent my hair to a different organisation last time so will have a look at The Little Princess Trust this time.

    I didn't make any resolutions this year but hope yours are going well.

  6. These sound just the same as my New Years resolutions, I desperately want some dental work done too

    Kirsty Fox