It's a Dog's Life - #MyVIP

Say hello to Milo and Hadley, the Shiatsu and Cavalier! They may look cute in their matching red jumpers and with their twinkly puppy dog eyes but believe me they are our guard dogs! The little black one in particular isn't nicknamed Damien for nothing!

All jokes aside when we are in bed at night it is rather comforting knowing the dogs are downstairs standing guard for us. If we ever had a break in I know they wouldn't cause much harm to the intruder but they would give them a fright that's for sure and they would also wake us up! 

Panasonic have recently put together a video all about their Smart Home remote monitoring products because with these gadgets we can give our guard dogs the day off! The video below shows Dave the Mastiff enjoying a belated day off from guarding his owners home and I couldn't help but smile when watching it! 

But that's not all. How would you like to win a 2 night stay in a luxury hotel courtesy of your Very Important Pet? To enter the competition all you need to do is upload a photo of your pet on Panasonic's Facebook or Twitter page with the hashtag #MyVIP

Your Very Important Pet may snag you a luxury hotel stay worth over £2000 and there are also many other prizes on offer too. As a competition enterer myself believe me when I say it, you have gotta be in it to win it!

- This is a PR collaboration. 


  1. I've had to enter this! My dog is, of course, the best ever! (As is everyone else's dog to them!)

  2. Always great when you can show how proud you are of your pets. They are after all a part of the family

  3. Never had a pet
    Great when everyone takes pride and looks after their pets

  4. Gorgeous dogs x ive got a black lab named Jack x