The Essential Mum on the Go Kit

When it comes to being a Mum nothing compares to the struggle of trying to leave the house on time. Whereas previously you’d be able to take a leisurely breakfast, perfect your make-up and find an outfit that looks like it’s stepped straight out of Pinterest, post-baby resembles something a little like the apocalypse.

These days porridge stained clothes, hair on day three styled in to a top knot and an outfit which is picked up off the bedroom floor is the new normal and that’s on a good day. But if you’re always left rummaging through your bag wondering how you managed to forget that essential then worry no more, as this little guide has a few top tips and essentials to make mum on the go life that little bit easier.

Whilst this list could go on forever and is by no means the Holy Grail, anything which helps to keep mum life less chaotic and give you more time to spend with your little ones is only ever a good thing.

First Things First, Get Organised!
Let’s start with the basics. Your bag needs to be organised, there’s nothing worse than rummaging around trying to find all manner of things in a pile of mess and letting out a frantic sigh when you can’t find what you were looking for. It would be amazing if we could all be blessed with a Mary Poppins style bag that can produce anything and everything at the drop of a hat, but keeping your bag orderly can not only help you to fit more in, but also make finding things a whole lot easier.

There’s a whole host of amazing ‘mummy’ bags out there that scream style rather than mumsy. Don’t be tempted to pick something too big as that’s when the temptation to over pack comes in. Really think about what’s absolutely essential for you to carry on a daily basis. If you’ve got a new baby then it’s likely you’ll need a few more things than if you have a toddler so it completely depends on your situation.

Keeping Connected
If there’s one thing we are all glued to these days it’s our phones. Whether we’re updating Instagram with our latest carefully shot snap, entertaining little ones with their favourite game or catching up over WhatsApp, it’s the lifeline we hold in the palm of our hands.

But if the low battery notification leaves you in a state of panic then fear not, as you can quickly make it a thing of the past. Investing in a power bank such as this one can leave your phone full of charge and you with a happy smile.

Staying Clean
There’s only a certain amount an enthusiastic toddler will listen when you tell them not to do something, especially when it involves muddy puddles – thanks Peppa Pig! With summer looming and sunshine on the horizon (fingers crossed) then spending time outdoors is likely to be on the agenda as are grass stains and muddy knees.

Wipes are your absolute BFF in mum life and whether it’s sticky fingers or grubby faces that need a quick wipe on the go, make sure these are in your essential kit or you might regret it. A pack of tissues always comes in handy for runny noses and hand sanitizer to keep germs at bay too.

Healthy Snacks
There’s times when we all stay out a little longer than we initially intended too and when tummy rumbles strike the temptation to pick up a sugary chocolate bar from the local shop can leave you with a neglected waistline and children with an unhealthy habit. Taking a selection of healthy children friendly snacks with you whilst you’re out and about, can mean important meals aren’t skipped and tummies are fuller for longer. Nut butters are a great way to add something different to their usual apple slices or rice cakes.

Spares, Spares, Spares
No matter how many times you’ve searched for it, you still can’t find it right? Sadly, in your role as a mum there are things you can’t always explain and when that absolute must-have goes missing it can leave you in a tizzy.

If it’s something you quite simply can’t live without then always keep a back up. Favourite teddy? It can pay to have a couple if stores to ensure toddler tantrums don’t arise when their best friend goes walkabouts. Even better keep a ‘going out’ one in your bag and one at home too.

Mum life isn’t always easy, but it’s the best job in the world. So make your life a little bit easier and take inspiration from these few essentials.

- This is a guest post.