Our Brother Max Favourites

Being a blogger there are many brands and companies I've worked with over the past few years and there are certain ones which stand out from the rest and for good reason too. For me, one of those brands has got to be Brother Max. Not only do they sell extremely useful products at a great price but I find that their customer service and social media team are amongst the nicest I've ever worked with. With this winning combination, there's no surprise that they are one of my favourite baby brands. Today I thought I'd put together a post of my favourite Brother Max products because all four are fantastic and I'd recommend them to everyone.

1. Ray Bath and Room Thermometer - £14.99
Ray is a bath and room thermometer and also doubles up as a super fun bath toy! He floats on water or stands on a shelf, wherever you need him to be as he displays ambient room temperature when stood on a shelf and is fun to play within the bath too. A high-temperature warning and an LCD temperature display gives parents peace of mind that the bath or room is the correct temperature. 

Snack Pot Bowl - £4.99

The Snack Pot Bowl is perfect for both at home and on the go. It has an easy-hold handle, is BPA-free and has a flexible soft lid which is perfect for little hands. A great product for baby-led weaning through to toddlerhood and beyond.

3. Bear Carry and Hang Nightlight - £24.99
The Bear Carry & Hang Nightlight is a more than just a nightlight and is a friend who can hang from any door handle or hook or can sit on a bedside table or dresser. He has color-changing LEDs, which can be set in single or colour changing mode, whichever your little one prefers. Bear lasts 12 hours on one charge from his rechargeable base and features daylight sensing on-off mode which is great for energy saving! 

4. 6 in 1 Thermometer - £59.99
The Brother Max 6-in-1 Projection thermometer is a no-contact, silent and easy to use, making it perfect for the whole family. It can be used to take your child’s temperature sight without contact and it projects the temperature reading on their forehead. The 6-in-1 thermometer can also be used to measure bath water, liquid, room, food or skin or body temperature and measures from 1-80 C. If that wasn't enough the handy memory function also stores the last nine previous readings too! The 6-in-1 Thermometer should be on every parents wishlist.

- I was sent some products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


  1. I love the look of the night light, Brother Max are such good quality products

  2. really want to test the nightlight out, see how bright it is for the nursery :)

  3. Really love the idea of the 6-in-1 Projection thermometer, sounds like a must have gadget for any parent

  4. I love the Bear Carry and Hang Nightlight - £24.99 xx

  5. The 6-in-1 Projection Thermometer sounds fantastic! A great idea when the house is getting cluttered up with all different gadgets1

  6. the brother 6-in-1 thermometer seems like a new mums must have item :)

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