Project 365 - Week 37

11th September - 17th September








We've had a really busy but great week. On Sunday we spent the day at Blackpool Zoo and had a wonderful time. Noah loves being outside and is a huge animals lover so places like these are ideal for us. He wasn't interested in seeing the sea lion show though as that involved sitting down for ten minutes, ha ha. He loved Dinosaur World, the otters and the lemurs the most. Monday I had my 16 week midwife appointment which was the quickest appointment of my life. My bum had hardly touched the seat before they whisked me off and my next appointment isn't for almost two months but all went well. Tuesday saw Noah's induction at nursery. It was only for an hour and I was there the whole time but it didn't really go to plan and towards the end he was crying and asking to go home. I felt so deflated on the way home and very emotional but I knew I had to try again. Wednesday we decided to have a lazy day after a couple of busy days. Thankfully it was lovely and sunny so we literally spent the day playing in the garden in the sun. On Thursday was Noah's first afternoon at nursery on his own and I was so apprehensive. I'm going to write a blog post about it soon but it went a little better than the first session. Friday we went to the park and did a bit of shopping and the same can be said for Saturday too! A great week with lots of changes.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Love love love the picture of him in the park.
    I am sure he will settle at nursery, early days yet.
    Glad your appointment went well even if it was quick.

  2. Starting Nursery is hard, we had a number of struggles before Monkey settled and he's been the same ever since if I'm honest. It's a big change for you both, but it will get easier. Good news the midwife appt went well even if quick! #366

  3. It's so hard for them starting nursery if they've not been used to being away from their mums Hope he gets settled in soon. Good about the midwife appointment going well - must be strange having different appointments to those you have first time around

  4. I've been experiencing the opposite with children and parents. been settling in 28 children aged 3 and 4 into, for most of them the first time away from their parents, thankfully they all seem to have their problems at different times and not all together, all our children have settled now except for one and that child's mother is the problem, the child is a bit tearful but mum refuses to leave the classroom, and promises her she'll collect her after snack and buy her a toy, she then stands outside the classroom taking photos and waving at the child before popping her head back in the room and saying goodbye, as she leaves the child goes into full melt down for about 10 minutes