16 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2

The day I turned 16 weeks pregnant we attended our private gender scan and I was so excited. I woke up that morning and was adamant that I was carrying a girl and I said to my partner just as much. I'd always thought I was having girl but for some reason that morning I was certain. We drove over to Manchester for the scan and within a couple of minutes of being in the room with the sonographer she confirmed that our baby was indeed a girl and I couldn't believe it! Well I could because I always felt like she was a girl but it felt so good to be right, mothers intuition and all. She confirmed that she was a girl three times and said she was absolutely certain too. So there you have it, we are team pink! (We hope because we've bought about 101 dresses already!)


This week the limbs are more developed and are more controlled when it comes to movement. My baby girl is now the size of an avocado and weighs roughly 3.5oz although at our gender scan the sonographer said she weighed roughly 5oz. The baby's weight will also double by next week. I've been enjoying her little movements and she seems to be most active around 1am in the morning. I can't wait to feel stronger movements and kicks.


I'm feeling okay at the moment. I get tired very easily but on a whole I feel good as I don't feel sick or have any back pain anymore. I can be up and down with my moods though I have to admit. I feel really emotional at the moment and I think that is a combination of my crazy pregnancy hormones, everything that's been happening around me lately and the fact my boy has just started nursery. Craving wise it's still all about orange or citrus foods and drink. My bump is getting harder and rounding out a bit. Like my first pregnancy I popped early but my bump is such a different shape this time around as I'm carrying really high rather than low.

See you next week! 


  1. Glad you are feeling good
    Love following your journey

  2. Nice that you are enjoying the pregnancy, seems like you are bonding with baby to be. Exciting that you have been told to expect a girl.

    Rachel Craig