Starting Nursery - Part 1

Up until recently the thought of Noah going to nursery made me worry so much and filled me with anxiety. I can't really put my finger on why but I think it's a combination of Noah being my first child, the fact he's been with me every day since he's been born and how much he still relies on me for comfort and reassurance.

Recently I've started coming around to the idea and I think it's due to a couple of things. The fact that he's almost three being one of the main reasons as it feels like it's the right time. Another reason is that I think it would be beneficial for him to have time away from me to grow a little confidence when it comes to his own independence. I also feel at ease about the nursery because all I've heard are positive reports and it also has an outstanding rating from Ofsted. It's just across the street from our house which is great because I can literally run across if he needs me.

A few weeks ago we have a nursery tour with the head mistress and when we arrived all the children were playing outside. As soon as Noah saw them all he got so excited and wanted to play too. Whilst we were waiting in the reception for her to arrive Noah was popping in and out and couldn't decide what he wanted to do, play with the children or hold Daddy's hand. We watched him play while we waited and felt so proud watching him interact with other children and share toys with them.

Once the head mistress arrived she asked Noah if he would like to play and he said yes so she had a member of staff keep an eye on him whilst we went for a look around the nursery. Two minutes later that member pops her head around the corner and tells us that Noah was upset and wanted t stay with us. So after wiping away his tears we went on the tour, toddler in tow.

The nusery is a historical and listed building and that in itself gives the building so much character, never mind the dozens of children's painting and nature finds which are strewn across every wall. I was amazed at how education focused the nursery is as I thought at this age it would be all about play. Another element I love about the nursery is that once a month they have a week of "Forest School" where they spend the week outside, learn to climb trees, forage, play in the mud kitchen, play on tire swings and so on. They also have their own pet turtles, fish, caterpillars and also hatch chicks! The place literally ticks every box for us and we are excited for Noah to start. 

How old was your child when they started nursery?

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  1. Oh wow, it sounds like a lovely nursery. Things were a little different to how they are now when I sent Stacey to school. She went to the nursery at the top of the hill where we lived the January after her 3rd birthday, and automatically got a place at the adjoining school.

    These days you have to apply for a place at school whether your child attends the nursery there or not. Which I think is a bit silly. I liked the old way best. And age doesn't seem to come in to it. Oscar was 3 in May and I still haven't put him in. He's definitely going to be our last child and I enjoy spending time with him, so as long as we're both happy I don't see the point. He mixes with other children a lot as we have a huge family, and he loves spending time with his big sister and her friends. He's a little clingy though, so I think if we do decide to enrol him at a nursery in the near future we'll have a few teething problems!!

    Louise x