Starting Nursery - Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about our decision to enroll Noah into nursery for two afternoons a week and a little about the nursery itself. Today I write about how Noah has found it so far as he started last week.

On Tuesday last week we had our anxiously anticipated introduction to nursery. It was just for an hour in the afternoon and I'd be there the whole time so I wasn't really worried. I hoped it would be a positive experience so that when it came to him going on his own he'd feel a bit more at ease.

Once we got there for our hour session he was so excited and didn't know what to do first. We said hello to the teacher and to his key worker and he buzzed from one area to the next. He liked to play in the home area with the other children, he enjoyed a spot of painting, got stuck in with the play doh and pretended to be Iron Man too. I love watching him play but I did notice that he was looking and asking for me constantly. I was trying to distance myself a little because I know how dependant he is on me but as soon as I'd inch a way he'd shout or run over to me.

Once he had his fill of the indoor area he realised he had the entire outside area to explore. 
When outside he was playing on the cars and then spotted an older boy who he seemed to want to play with. He ran over to the boy and stated showing him his tshirt, shouting "Batman!" The boy took one look at him and then hit him and ran off. I then saw Noah sink into himself and stand with his back to the wall not knowing what to do. I think this was the moment when his confidence was knocked and he realised he wanted to go home. After that happened he clung to me even more and then after a while began to cry and was asking to go home. I wasn't expecting this because I was there with him and I though't he'd be having a whale of a time just like we do when we go to playgroup together.

When it was time to leave I felt emotionally drained as it hadn't gone the way I'd hoped and I could tell that Noah wasn't leaving on a good note either. I have to admit I shed a few tears when I got home about the whole situation but I think it was more to do with my pregnancy hormones. After a couple of hours we decided to forget about the negatives that happened, focus on the positives and hope for a better outcome the next time we attended.

How did your child find their first settling in session? 


  1. Aww God love him - hope his next day goes a lot better x

  2. Aw it's so hard when other kids act like that.. Sienna is always going up to people asking them to be her friend and they shy away and then she gets upset. I just explain to her that some other kids are more shy and you need to speak to the quietly or ask if they want to talk to you first. It seems to work! Fingers crossed for next time! x

    1. Ahh bless her. I think Sienna and Noah would get along so well x