Starting Nursery - Part 3

This week I've been writing all about nursery as Noah has just started. You can read about our decision and feelings towards nursery here and how our settling in session didn't go to plan hereToday's post is all about how Noah did on his first afternoon without Mummy.

If you know me or have read my previous posts you'll know how anxious and worried I've been at the prospect of Noah starting nursery. I know my son, he's a gentle soul and I know how dependant he is on me. We're together all day, everyday so all my worries were inevitable really.

After our not so positive settling in session I did wonder how Noah would feel about going back but he was excited so that was a big relief. I packed his little rucksack with all the items they suggested I bring; suncream, a change of clothes, a jacket, a hat and so on. I also included his comforter and told him that kiki was coming to nursery with him. I really tried to think of everything I could do or say to make the process more comfortable for him. I even dressed him in a Darth Vader tshirt (Batman the session before) because I thought that may give him a little confidence as he likes to pretend he has superpowers. I really did try to think of everything.

Once we got to nursery we waited outside for the gates to open with the other parents and children. All the other parents were just as worried as me so that made me feel a little better. When we got inside Noah put a piece of fruit we brought from home into the share basket and we hung his bag on his peg and we walked into the main room. 

Noah is in the blue group so we found his table and sat him down next to another boy and directly across from his key worker. I popped on his name badge which they'd provided and she basically shooed me off. I didn't expect to have to go so quickly but I presume this is to make it easier on the child. I bent down to Noah and said I'd just be going to the shop, that he was to play nicely with the other children and when I come back I'll bring him a chocolate coin. At first he seemed to want to come with me but he stayed sitting down and what more, he didn't cry! 

I left the room and I couldn't believe it. I peeked through the door and through the window a couple of times before I left but he was fine, sat there, smiling and chatting away. When I left I felt such relief but at the same time I wanted to cry too! Damn pregnancy hormones.

Once I got home I had three hours to myself and I literally didn't know what to do with myself as I never have time to myself. I had some lunch, did some blogging, entered a few competitions and packaged a few things for eBay and then it was time to go collect him.

When it was time to go I walked up with my neighbour who's daughter attends the same nursery and we were talking about how well both of them did when we'd taken them earlier in the day. When I got there I expected to find him playing and peeked back through the window as I wanted to see what he was doing before he saw me. Much to my surprise he was sat on his key workers knee, all red and bleary eyed. I then heard him cry so I went in and he ran over to me. I asked what was wrong and if he'd been crying for long and she said he'd been upset for the past twenty minutes. He was upset because some of the other parents were collecting their children early so he kept thinking I would be next and didn't understand why I wasn't with them. I suppose in his mind he was confused and just wanted his Mummy. I gave him a cuddle and he began to calm down. I spoke to his key worker briefly and she said he was fine the whole time until that point. They suggested coming half an hour before the session ends and building it up whilst he gets used to it and I'm more than happy with that, whatever makes it easier for him. 

So again it was a experience where it had it's negatives but positives too as it's a big adjustment for him. Now when I ask him about nursery he says he likes it and can't wait to go again so that's great and we'll see how he gets on next week.

How did your child find nursery?

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