HelloFresh - Review

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to try out HelloFresh. The idea behind HelloFresh is that you order a one off box or a flexible subscription then fresh ingredients and healthy recipes are delivered straight to you door. I love to cook from scratch and I'm always looking for new recipes that I haven't tried out before so I was very excited to be involved.

HelloFresh offer four totally different subscriptions or one off boxes. Prices vary per box, delivery is always free and if subscribed you can cancel at anytime. 

The Classic Box
A best seller which is packed with fresh produce and exciting recipes. With the Classic Box you are able to swap recipes every week and choose which meals you would prefer. You can order the box for 2, 3 or 4 people and even select how many meals you would like to be included. The price of the box depends on which you choose but prices start at a very reasonable £39.00.

The Veggie Box
HelloFresh chefs create exciting, flavourful and perfectly seasoned vegetarian recipes every week. On the menu you will see salads, stews, soups and so much more. They say they will broaden your veggie repertoire with their recipe ideas! When it comes to the Veggie Box you can select it for either 2 or 4 people and each box contains 3 meals. Prices start at £36.00.

The Family Box 
This box was created with families in mind. These recipes don't scrimp on flavour but they do hold back a bit of the spice to make them more child friendly. The meals are also nutritionally balanced so parents don't need to worry about that and it makes dinner time so much easier too. The family box feeds 4 and can contain either 2 or 4 meals. Prices start at £39.95.

The Trial Box
HelloFresh also offer a Trial Box for those a little unsure about subscribing and would like to try it out for one week. This box offers classic dishes on photo recipe cards just like the other boxes and is sure to tempt you into a long term partnership. The Trial Box can feed either 2 or 4 people and contain either 3 or 5 meals. The price for a one off box is £42.00.

I was signed up to a two week Family Box subscription and was so excited for the deliveries to arrive. There was a total of 8 different recipes between these two boxes so instead of making a note of each and every one I've decided to mention my two favourites dishes.

Jamie's South Asian Chicken Curry with Fluffy Rice
First I have to mention this dish which was created with the one and only Jamie Oliver as it was simply sublime. It took a little bit of prep but once that was all out of the way it was really easy to put together and there wasn't much washing up either! My partner and I are big fans of curries but in the past have found home made curries a bit lacklustre and bland so we tended to avoid making them. After trying this recipe we are totally converted and are already planning on making it again. It even received a big thumbs up from our toddler!

BBQ Sausage Skewers with Cheesy Wedges
This was one of the recipes I knew would be a hit straight away because you can't go wrong with sausages though I'd never thought of making kebabs with them before. The sausages were possibly the nicest we've ever had and when it comes to making this dish again I'll be heading to my local butcher for something similar. The cheesy wedges were a nice side to have with them but I also think they'd work well with pitta bread and spiced rice.

Our thoughts
I would subscribe tomorrow! In fact I'm already thinking about doing so as we've really missed our HelloFresh box this week. The Family Box subscription made my life so much easier as I didn't need to meal plan or head out to the shops for all the ingredients. Everything was delivered straight to my door and was ready and waiting when I needed it. It also opened my eyes to many different meal idea's that I'd never thought of making before. I can't recommend HelloFresh enough! If you subscribe to their newsletter today you can receive £10 off your first order!

What recipes would you like to see included in future boxes?

- We were sent two boxes for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


  1. This looks amazing! Brilliant idea. Some of the recipes I probably wouldn't have thought of doing myself. Great to see that they deliver to Northern Ireland too, usually places with fresh product can't be delivered over here!

  2. Looks fabulous
    I'd love to see hearty casseroles with dumplings

  3. Looks fabulous
    I'd love to see hearty casseroles with dumplings

  4. We've also been trying Hello Fresh and absolutely loved it! All of the meals were so delicious and things I wouldn't have thought of making. Great concept, we are thinking of renewing our subscription when the baby comes to make things super easy.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  5. I think its a bit expensive for me but its a good idea