Project 365 - Week 41

9th October - 15th October








This week has been absolutely crazy! The start of the week was pretty much the norm, lots of family visits, family afternoon outs, play time and nursery on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday morning at 2am I was whisked away to the airport as I was spending the day in Germany with Pampers as I'm working with them for the next year. I was so apprehensive and nervous about the trip as I'd never flown on my own before so it was a huge thing for me. My hormones are also all over the place at the moment due to being pregnant so to go ahead with it is something I'm feeling really proud of myself for. I had an amazing day at Pampers HQ. Meeting the team, fellow bloggers and learning the ins and out's of the brand, which I will be blogging all about soon! As much as I enjoyed the trip the travelling was very nerve wracking so I was so happy to get home and be back in my own bed. The rest of the week carried on as normal too. Noah did the best he's ever done at nursery on Thursday afternoon! When I went to pick him up he was full of beans and I can tell that he's finally adjusting to the big change. I was so proud of him and made it a huge deal so hopefully on Tuesday he'll do just as good.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Sounds like a great opportunity, even if a little nerve racking. Lots of lovely smiles. Hope no one got shot! #366

  2. Excellent photo and lots of fun. Your project is great ideas; I love it.
    Looking ahead for more article like this.

  3. Fabulous week
    Glad Noah is adjusting to nursery life

  4. Noah, his usual Happy self. What a lovely dog?

    Rachel Craig

  5. Lots of lovely happy Noah smiles, he is just so gorgeous. Great one sat amongst the leaves.
    Well done you for braving it and going to the Pampers event, I am not sure I would have done it.
    With 4 in nappies we could be an ambassador for would save a fortune.

  6. Lovely pics, he's gorgeous!