Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Christmas is just around the corner and now is the time when I've been making my lists and planning what gifts to buy everyone. For me the men in my family tend to be the most difficult to buy for so I thought I'd put together a Christmas Gift Guide full of gift ideas which I'll be planning on buying this year and hopefully my picks can inspire you too.

1. Personalised Wine - £25.00
I have a penchant for personalised gifts, I love them. What's better than celebrating Christmas with a bottle of personalised wine? You can buy a wide selection of different types of personalised wine over at Bottle Bazaar for a great price. We've got a bottle of white and prosecco put away for gifts for Christmas day.

2. VQ DAB Radio - £129.99
This is something that I know my partner wants for Christmas and as I'm already familiar with the VQ brand I really approve of his choice. The DAB radio he chose was the Christie model which has such a chic and vintage feel to it, a real timeless classic. Find it here.

3. Emergency Chocolate Kit - £18.95
Chocolate is my go to gift for family members who are notoriously difficult to buy for as most people like chocolate I tend to find. This Emergency Chocolate Kit from Prezzy Box is bound to go down a storm with a couple of members of my family as it contains so many different types of chocolatey goodies.

4. Christmas Jumper - £45.00
Christmas wouldn't be the same without Christmas jumpers, not for us anyway! It's become quite the family tradition to have matching jumpers for the lead up to Christmas. Esprit stock a wide range of different styles which can be found here and I've also spotted one I would like for myself too! 

5. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Game - £14.99
I just had to add this to our list because I can imagine our family having such a good time with this on Christmas day. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled is a Russian roulette style game with jelly beans but not all of them taste nice! You could spin and it land on disgusting flavours such as dog food and rotten egg!

6. Yankee Candle - £21.99
Candles aren't just for us ladies as I know quite a few men who appreciate a good candle too. My go to brand has always been Yankee Candle as the quality of their candles is next to none and have so many different scents and varieties to choose from too. The Star Anise and Orange is a new scent for this season and a new favourite of mine.

7. Suicide Squad DVD - £14.99
This is a film we haven't seen yet believe it or not! My partner has been wanting to see it ever since it was released so I picked up a DVD copy to add to his Christmas presents. I'm really looking forward to sitting down and watching it with him over the Christmas holidays as it will be a nice change from Jingle All The Way and Home Alone!

8. Tyrrell's Crisps - £2.19
This isn't a Christmas present but the crisps of choice we will be serving as a snack on the big day. Three Bird Roast is a new flavour from Tyrrell's and you couldn't come across a more festive bag of crisps!

9. Weleda Moisture Cream - £14.95
Last but not least is a little stocking filler from Weleda. Nick tends to overlook his skincare routine but as we are both getting a little older now it's time we both try a little harder. We don't want to look older than our years. This moisture cream for men will keep his skin supple and hydrated in these colder months. 

What gifts are you planning on buying the men in your life? 

- This post contains some PR samples.


  1. These are fabulous ideas
    Chocolate gadgets and aftershave

  2. Such great ideas thank-you! Men are so hard to buy for.

  3. Thanks for the ideas i always find it hard to buy for my brother x

  4. Yes, some great ideas here. Luckily, anyone who knows me will just buy me a box of Thorntons Special Chocolate Covered Toffee, knowing I will love it! lol

  5. THere are some brilliant ideas here

  6. Great choices, you have given me some good ideas there, thank you :)

  7. I love the chocolate idea....though I'd probably eat it myself! I'm planning on getting my husband a smart watch this year xo

  8. Brilliant ideas, thank you! It's a shame that scented candles aren't more commonly listed as gifts for men; the people I know who like them most are all men.

  9. Some lovely gift ideas, it will be time to make another list soon, this year has flown by xxx