Disney On Ice Presents Frozen - Review

Last Wednesday we had a rather exciting night as we were invited to attend Disney On Ice presents Frozen at Liverpool Echo Arena. We were all very excited and all week Noah had been telling everyone that he came into contact with that he was going to see Olaf and I often heard him squealing, "Disney Ice, Disney Ice!" 

Liverpool Echo Arena is a good hour and a half drive away from where we live but we made it within good time to pay a visit to the meet and greet. Whilst we were there we picked up our tickets and enjoyed some complementary fruit kebabs and drinks whilst we waited for some very special guest to arrive and I don't mean the array of famous footballers who were also in attendance! Introducing Anna, Elsa and of course, Mickey Mouse! Noah was a little bashful posing with the Disney princesses but as soon as he saw Mickey appear he literally ran across the room and gave him a huge hug! 

Once we'd had our fill of the meet and greet we decided to head over to the arena as the show was due to start shortly. It didn't take long for us to find our seats as the stewards and staff were very polite and helpful, a credit to Liverpool Echo Arena. Our seats were quite high up which was a bit of shame but better having high up seats than no seats at all. Though it's worth a mention that I've seen photo's taken from the ground floor which left me feeling a little disappointed as with those seats you are able to have a more immersive experience. I felt with being so high up we weren't able to see the characters up close and missed out on the details from the costumes and set design. If we were to come again I'd make sure to book rink side or lower tier tickets, that's for sure.  

We didn't have to wait long until the show started and what a way it began! Out skated Minnie and Mickey and after a little talk they introduced some of our favourite characters. We saw the likes of Timone and Pumba, Nemo and Dory and even Woody and Buzz! To be honest this was actually the highlight of the experience for us as it was great to see the familiar Disney characters that we know and love. 

It was then time for the show to start. The lights dimmed, snow fell, the music started and it was so atmospheric that I got goosebumps. I did wonder how Noah would fare sitting still for so long as he's not usually one for being still but he sat transfixed for almost the entire show. The whole experience was incredible, from the choreography and the set design through to the pyrotechnics and the music. It was literally like being in the movie and the only way we could have had a better time would have been to have had better seats but that's all. I'd recommend the show to all Disney fans out there as it's an experience you wouldn't want to miss and one that would be a hit with all the family.

- We received tickets free of charge for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


  1. It looks really good - I know one little girl who would absolutely love this! My wife would enjoy it also as she is into the whole dancing/costumes thing!

  2. It looks like an amazing show, I do feel it's one of those that you need to be closer to in order to see the true magic of the show

  3. Awh wow!! This looks amazing! Xo

  4. I would love to see that i love frozen

  5. Spectacular must see this too