Project 365 - Week 2/52

8th January - 14th January

8th January 2017

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14th January 2017

It was back to some sort of normality this week with Noah going back to nursery, it's been nice to have some structure back into our easy going routine. With the Christmas break being quite long I did expect Noah to be back to tears at nursery drop off but he really surprised me and was very happy to be back. He absolutely loves his key person so I think that was one of the main reasons he was so happy to be back, I think he missed her! Nursery aside the rest of the week was spent at the midwife, at a birthday party, soft play, shopping, visiting family, a meal out and preparing for the babies arrival. I can't believe she's due to arrive in just over five weeks time! My pregnancy has absolutely flown!

What have you been up to this week?


  1. It sounds like you've had a busy week! We've had a quiet one as we've all been poorly. I love the photo of Noah touching your baby bump, it's really lovely! x

  2. Is that poor daddy getting squashed on the floor?
    How exciting to get the hospital bag packed, better to be ready a bit early just in case.
    Glad he settled back into nursery easily.

  3. exciting times getting the baby bag packed nice and early, glad Noah settled back in well to nursery after the holidays

  4. I love the yummy mummy bag <3 they are the best

  5. Sounds like a busy week! Five weeks :) I'm pleased he settled so well after the break. Happy week to come!

  6. So lovely photos. Best of luck with the end of your pregnancy!

  7. Wow, exciting times are getting very close, five weeks!! Glad he's settled back into routine so well #365

  8. Lovely photos. The last stage of pregnancy always whizzes by #365

  9. Just trying to catch up with to do list, supporting family etc.

    Nice that Noah settled back well to Nursery.

    Rachel Craig

  10. Five weeks and counting!! The last few weeks always seem to whiz by especially when you also have to look after a toddler. Lovely photos. Enjoy the last weeks of your pregnancy xx

  11. I'm glad going back to nursery went so well. Not long to go now - very exciting!

  12. What a lovely bump picture, i'm just catching up so i'm hoping by the time I get to this week, there will be baby pics...#Project365