July Degustabox - Review

As the month draws to a close it's time for our monthly Degustabox review. As mentioned in my previous posts the arrival of our Degustabox at the end of the month is a little highlight to our week, it's so exciting to sit down and open the box together as there's always a product suitable for each one of us.

We've been reviewing Degustabox for quite some time now and I can tell you that in all the time we've been receiving our box we've never ever been disappointed with the contents. Personally I think that's really impressive and on that note I don't hesitate in recommending Degustabox to my friends, family and blog readers.

What was inside July's Degustabox:

1. Blossom Hill Spritz - £4.99
2. Crafted Fruit Juice
 - £1.80
3. Ryvita Thins Three Cheese - £1.89

4. Rowntree's Randoms 30% Less Sugar - £1.29

5. Oloves Healthy Olive Snacks - x2 £0.99

6. Merchant Gourmet Simply Cooked Red & White Quinoa - £1.99

7. Frylight Cooking Spray with Avocado Oil - £2.99
8. Weetabix Additions Coconut & Raisin - £2.99

9. The Collective Kids Big Tub Yogurt Voucher - £2.00

10. Maille Dijon Original - £1.99

11. Thor Non Alcoholic Drinks - x2 (These would be in the non alcoholic box instead of the wine)

Total: £23.91

July's box is named the Summer Box and you can see why, there's so many different products which are ideal for Summer. Ryvita thins, quinoa, and fruit juice for a picnic at the park and a bottle of wine with a bowl of olives in the evening once the kids are in bed.

I think this box is one of my favourites to date because so many of the products were ideal for me being on Slimming World. The Blossom Hill Spritz although not very Slimming World friendly was enjoyed last Saturday night. It was my first tipple in months and it was so light and refreshing. I'll be buying that again that's for sure! Noah was excited to see some sweeties in the box and I was more than happy for him to have a couple straight away with them being reduced sugar. Nick on the other hand loved the quinoa and mustard, not together though, that'd be a bit strange!

Degustabox costs £12.99 per month but if you would like to try it for the first time use the code: CTOMW at the checkout to receive a huge £7.00 off! That means you can get your first box for just £5.99!

What products or brands would you like to see in Degustabox next?

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


  1. I like to try out new products, though I must admit :- Probably like most people I am wary/ put off by full size box etc. As if not keen on the product, then it's such a waste. Samples and sample size is great and much appreciated. As variety is the Spice of Life. Also we are advised to have variety within a healthy balanced diet.

    Rachel Craig

  2. A lovely variety, and a great way to try new things you might not pick up in the supermarket but then realise you do like them xxx

  3. Ashleigh Allan29 July 2017 at 07:23

    Sounds a great selection. Thanks for the discount code

  4. I really like this idea and will give it a go myself, thanks for sharing this.

  5. I wonder if the Weetabix is quite tasty. I do like Weetabix, and wonder how this new version is.

    Rachel Craig

  6. I haven't come across the brand :- Thor. I do like to have variety in regards to drinks, and enjoy fruit juice and fruit flavoured drinks. As they can be refreshing.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Jen, wondering if you will update us on your thought regarding July Degustabox products.

    Rachel Craig

  8. Oh! How I'd love some new products to try. My Mum brought family up with an attitude of enjoying food, and welcoming new products. Lovely to try new things out together as a family. Can often feel like a nice treat. New flavours, textures, etc can be interesting, enjoyed, etc. Variety truly can be the spice of life.

    Luckily I also got the opportunity to try a variety of foodstuffs, meals etc via friends who had originally lived in other countries. I met these friends via school.

    Rachel Craig