How To Prepare For Your First Year In University

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Statista data estimates that about 1.8 million UK undergraduate students enrolled in higher education courses in 2018/19. Your uni experience begins with the first year, which can be exciting and overwhelming for fresh secondary school graduates. However, excellent preparation is vital to ensure your smooth transition to university life. If you wish to learn more about preparing for your freshman year in uni, consider the following points.

Visit Campus Before Your First Year Begins

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University tours are standard for secondary school graduates transitioning to uni life. However, walking through the dorms, lecture halls, and cafeterias of a few campuses can blur some details on your chosen university, so consider revisiting your uni to check things out again. Thankfully, you can participate in sporting events, show up for public lectures, or walk around for a few hours to get a better idea of uni life. This way, you can feel more at home and even get excited about your first-year experience.

Figure Out Your Living Situation In Advance

Your living situation is crucial as a first-year university student, so it is vital to figure this out early on to prevent stress later on. Generally, you can commute from home to uni if your campus is nearby to save money on rent, food, and utilities. Also, you can live on-campus in a dormitory for convenience, so keep this in mind. Many first-year students opt for on-campus living to get a complete university experience.

If you are staying on campus, prioritize accommodation close to your classes to save time every day. Furthermore, you can choose an affordable house or student apartment close by to sort out your living situation. For instance, you can check out student accommodation in Sunderland to find budget-friendly and excellent housing options if you attend the University of Sunderland.

Learn Essential Life Skills

Getting by on your own is central to university living, so it would be best to prepare for this. Fortunately, you can learn some crucial life skills that will come in handy. For instance, learn how to do your laundry, set up a doctor's appointment, and create a budget you can stick to before going away to school. In addition, you can also learn to cook standard meals, since decent culinary skills will save you a lot of money at uni.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

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A reported 1 in 5 university students suffers from mental health issues, with depression and anxiety being the most common conditions they face. University life can be challenging due to the academic pressure, new environment, and strain on your social life. It doesn't even matter if you've never shown any signs of mental health issues before, as you can quickly start to exhibit them once you encounter the stress associated with starting university. As such, prepare yourself for the rough times ahead and ensure that your mental health is a top priority. This way, you can remain happy and healthy throughout your first year and the remainder of your university experience.

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