What's Your Birth Flower?

Do you what are the flowers of the people you love? Well, there’s a list below because we actually do have birth flowers that are related to each month of the year. Each one of those fresh flowers online For Delhi has a meaning and kind of a symbolism easily understood.

January is linked to the carnation and snowdrop. Despite January is one of the coldest months of the year, there are places where the weather is fairer. Cool weather in some places allows carnations to grow. This flower is said to symbolize one of the most beautiful feelings ever known, love. Feelings like fascination and distinction are also related to carnations. This flower is also known as gillyflower. In nature, we can find pink, red, and purple carnations.

It is the violet and primrose’s month. February is St. Valentine’s month. The flower that represents this month is the violent which symbolizes humility. It is also associated with faithfulness. In the Victorian era, the act of giving violets conveyed something special, something like “I’ll always be true”. This flower can be found in three colors: yellow, cream and blue.

The birth flowers of this month are daffodil and jonquil. The flower that’s associated with this month is Daddofil. March marks the onset of spring. When flowers like Jonquil and Daddofil bloom during this season, colors like white, yellow and orange can be seen in them. The message that this flower conveys is happiness and friendship.


In April, we have the daisy and a flower called sweet pea. The sweet pea blooms in several colors. It is believed to symbolize two things: saying good-bye and giving or receiving pleasure. In the Victorian era, sweet pea was part of a bouquet that conveyed gratitude.


The Lily of the valley is the flower commonly associated with this month. It blooms in white and conveys the sweet side of life and the importance of humility. It meant “You make my life complete” in the Victorian era.


As for June, we have the honeysuckle and the rose. Honeysuckle can be seen in yellow and has special meanings which mostly convey feelings related to love and passion.

The birth flowers of the seventh month are the water lily and the larkspur. Larkspur is the ideal flower for ardent couples and open-minded people.

In August we have two birth flowers, which are the gladiolus and the poppy. The Gladiolus also blooms in various colours, for example, orange and pink. This flower represents sincere and strong people.

September’s birth flowers are the morning glory and the aster flower. In nature, it can be found like in 4 colours some of which are red and pink. Its name derives from the word star in Greek language. This flower is related to faith and wisdom.

The birth flowers of this month are cosmos and the marigold. For the Indian civilisation, this month is related to many festivities, all of them devoted to their gods. Calendula has been recently introduced to the Indian world and its festivals. As for the English culture, this flower means sympathy. In Mexico, it is associated with the Day of the Dead.

The birth flower of the 11th month of the year is the Chrysanthenum. Chrysanthemum means cheerfulness. People link this flower to love as well. If you are a Fengshui believer, this flower is useful to bring happiness to the house.

The holly and the paper white are the birth flowers here. These flowers are related to Christmas celebration. They were once considered by the Aztecs as a symbol of purity. Nowadays, they stand for cheer and success instead.

What's your birth flower and what does it mean?

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  1. My birthday is march and I've always loved seeing daffodils at the start of spring

  2. Chrysanthenum but I think they're ugly! Eek lol

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