10 Things You May Not Know About Breastfeeding

I've been breastfeeding Ava for six months now and I can't believe how much I'm enjoying the whole experience. It's truly a joy and a pleasure to be able to do this for her and I hope we continue until she self weans.

Before I had Ava I wrote all about 
my breastfeeding hopes and fears because I really didn't know how we would find it after struggling the first time around. The early days in our breastfeeding journey were quite exhausting but everything has been plain sailing ever since. It just goes to show you can try things more than once and have a totally different experience. 

Boobs, babies, breastfeeding and breast milk are all incredible! There's so much I've learnt about breastfeeding in such a short amount of time, so much of which just blows me away. Today I thought I'd share some facts from my fellow bloggers all about breastfeeding.

  • A tiny bit of baby's saliva is absorbed into your nipple each feed. Your body then works out what antibodies are needed based on this saliva sample and starts producing plenty of them to help the baby fight whatever germs she has come into contact with - Fiona // Watching You Grow
  • Breast milk can be blue! (or other colours!) This was crazy the first time I saw it! It happens for all sorts of reasons, what you eat or how much foremilk or hind milk it contains. There is also research into whether the blueish milk happens when your child is sick as it has more antibodies - Chantele // Two Hearts On Roof
  • A baby can be placed on your chest and will naturally crawl its way up to the breast for a feed - Emma // Emma Reed
  • All babies eat differently. Some are snackers and will eat little and often, some will go longer between feeds but spend longer at the breast. All is normal if they are putting on weight and having wet nappies - Abi // Something About Baby
  • You can feed with just one boob. 13 months and still going. Lopsided is an understatement when full - Victoria // The Growing Mum
  • Your 'let down' can be different on each side. All three of my boys had a preference for one side compared to the other because of the milk flow - Jo // Cup Of Toast
  • Not all breast milk can be frozen, I had a specific enzyme in my milk that made it go bad when frozen. It took me ages to work out why she wouldn't drink it - Lucy // Momma Mack
  • Lots of people think you can't breastfeed if you're taking antidepressants or start taking them, if you develop PND for example. That's actually not true and most are suitable. It can do a lot of harm when a woman is already struggling as she can feel like she's 'failed' at another thing but better education from GP & health visitor would nip this in the bud - Hannah // Hi Baby Blog
  • It takes a while for your milk to 'come in'. I thought I was unable to breastfeed until a midwife advised me - Collette // Truly Madly Cuckoo
  • Not only are there endless health and emotional benefits for baby but there's also some for Mum too. Breastfeeding releases oxytocin and prolactin which makes you relax and literally 'feel the love' when feeding your little one - This last one is from me. 

I could have shared 101 more examples but I really would be here all day, breastfeeding is truly magical. Do you have any breastfeeding facts or information that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them! 


  1. Fascinating reading
    I'll have a look through later

  2. Oh thanks for including me! This is a great list for first time mums, or first time breastfeeders as it can be a confusing and scary time!

  3. Breastfeeding as you mention can take some time to become established, yet is so worthwhile. Seems maybe sharing experiences can be a way of encouraging and supporting mothers and families on their Breastfeeding Journey/s. Hopefully more Communities will be Breastfeeding Friendly, have Breastfeeding Support Groups, Peer Support for Breastfeeding Mothers, etc. Thanks for sharing.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Some of the information given was new to me, Thanks!

    Rachel Craig

  5. some interesting info here x

  6. I've just finished breastfeeding my baby Charlie I managed to feed him until 13 months

  7. A useful list for mums to be and new mums.

  8. I breast fed my Son, and there was facts I didn't know.

  9. Amazing! Thanks for all those facts; they're fascinating!

  10. fantastic i loved my breastfeeding journey