Updating Your Children's Wardrobe for Autumn

Well that's it! Summer is now officially over and in comes autumn! You can already see and feel the change in the seasons. The leaves on the trees are starting to turn colour and they are already scattered all over the pavements and roads. With the change in season comes a change of temperatures which means that it's time to change what we wear. We've said goodbye to our dresses and shorts and have said hello to our old sweaters and cardigans. It's time to sit down and update the kids wardrobe ready for the season and with the help of my A/W wishlist and the Groupon discount code I've come up with some great ideas. Here are some of the pieces that have really caught my eye for autumn this year.

Whoever said you can’t dress opposite sex siblings in matching themes didn't know what they were talking about. I often dress Noah and Ava in coordinated outfits and grey is a colour that I really like on the both of them. I think grey suits them and it's one that never tends to go out of style, you can even make the colour work in the warmer months too. 

When shopping for clothes if you stick to one or two of the same retailers you'll find lots of outfits that complement one another as their ranges tend to run with a colour scheme or theme. Above are six pieces which will be perfect for autumn that I have recently fallen in love with and just have to buy for the kids.

The staple for every autumn and winter wardrobe is a good coat. As soon as the summer is over, the shops bring out all the winter coats. There's so many different ones to choose from but don't just choose one that looks good, it's got to be practical too. The grey parka style coat from Esprit would be perfect for Noah and all his little adventures. It looks like it would be really cosy and warm and the fact that it's machine washable is just the ticket because boy does the kid like to get muddy! I've teamed the coat up with a comfortable pair of jogger bottoms and matching long sleeve top because I really like to dress Noah for comfort with how active he is. 

Last but certainly not least, how adorable is the outfit that I've picked for Ava? I love the combination of pale pink against gunmetal grey; I think it's so complimentary. The fluffy coat is just the ticket to keep her all warm and snug in these upcoming cold and dreary months. 

Are you looking to buy the kids new clothes for autumn? If so what’s on your to-buy list? 


  1. These outfits are really nice love the pink colour

  2. Yeah definately needing some warm jumpers. Love those outfits

  3. Mainly a great coat to withstand the triggers
    I always insist on waterproof too

  4. Some lovely things there, I really like the pink coat.