Project 365 - Week 36/52

3rd September - 9th September

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9th September 2017

This week marked Noah going back to nursery, he was so excited to go back to see all his friends and his teachers. He was only there two days last week with the term starting midweek but next week he will be there Monday through to Thursday. It's been a week adjusting to Noah's big change though he didn't need much encouragement. He was raring to go and both days I picked him up he ran up to me giving me a huge hug. Other than that we've had a nice week, despite the weather being horrible for the majority of it.

So here's a little overview of our week. Sunday we went to "fun in the park" which was still fun even though it was raining for it's entirety. Nick and I got to go on a huge bouncy castle with Noah, it was hilarious as it was wet through so I couldn't stand up at all. Monday I had Slimming World and my Mum watched both the kids whilst I walked down to it. I lost 1 1/2 this week which brings me to a loss of 19lb in total. I'm getting there! I then walked back home and we went in town and out for some lunch, the four of us. It was great, although it's almost impossible to shop with an almost four year old! Tuesday was Noah's last day off before nursery so we made the most of our day. We all got wrapped up and went out to play in the rain and puddles. Noah loved it and I did too, any excuse to jump in muddy puddles with him. Wednesday and Thursday Noah was at nursery and as I mentioned he had a great time and loved being back with his friends although a lot of them went to school this time. He came home with lots of paintings and ate all his packed lunch both days. Friday and Saturday weren't very exciting as we've just started work on the house, so we've been so busy with that!

What have you been up to this week?