Bathroom Trends You Need To Consider And Avoid

Renovating your bathroom is an exciting time. Choosing finishes, patterns, shapes, and colors of all your fixtures and fittings is a lot of fun but there’s also potential to make a costly mistake. Bathroom renovations are expensive, so you don’t want to have to repeat it on a regular basis. That means avoiding anything too extreme is important. This is something you need to keep in mind when you’re choosing which trends to follow. If you end up following something that turns out to be a short-lived trend, you could have to make over your room again in just a few months. With that in mind, we suggest three of the best bathroom trends today which you can confidently follow and also point out two that you should probably steer away from.

Colored Vanities
The first trend you might want to consider following is the recent move towards colored vanity units. For years, we’ve stuck to neutral colors when it comes to bathroom vanities, however in the last year or so we’ve seen a move towards colors. This is definitely a trend that’s worth following as long as you choose your colors correctly. Blue is a popular choice for bathroom vanity units at the moment and it’s also a good look. There are lots of different shades of blue to choose from – if you’re not too sure about whether a colorful unit is right for you, why not try a pale blue?

Mixed Metals
Another top trend of the moment involves using a range of classic finishes for a more contemporary-looking bathroom. Choosing different metals for your fixtures brings a stylish and modern appearance to your space. Consider choosing polished brass and chrome for your hardware paired with nickel or bronze for your plumbing fixtures. If you’re keen to keep a cohesive finish in your room you could always create more harmony by selecting fixtures which have the same style.

Patterned Floors
A plain bathroom floor is so yesterday! The latest modern trend is for patterned flooring. There’s no better way to get an exciting and appealing look for your space. One of the most popular looks at the moment is a retro feel with hexagon, herringbone or chevron tiles in black and white. The Victorian feel is wonderfully familiar but when paired with contemporary fixtures and fittings the result is anything but old-fashioned.

Themed Designs
So, which trends should you steer clear of? One of the trends which you should definitely avoid is going for a themed bathroom. Retro and Caribbean looks may have been popular recently but it’s a passing trend. These themed styles may be a lot of fun to start with but they rapidly get boring and when you’re tired of your bathroom d├ęcor it’s very expensive to change, particularly when fixtures also require changing. If you’re keen to follow the latest look only make subtle adjustments so you don’t have to entirely remodel your space in a couple of years’ time.

Removing The Only Tub In The House
There’s been a huge move in recent years towards getting rid of bathtubs in favor of enormous showers, and with today’s impressive shower options it’s not hard to see why. More people choose to shower rather than have a bath these days anyway to save time, and with the amazing spa-like showerheads out there it’s no surprise that many people decide to go down the shower route for convenience and for extra pampering. However, if you’re thinking of getting rid of all of your home’s bathtubs and replacing them all with shower stalls, you might want to think again. A potential future buyer may not want a home without a tub and this could lead to a difficult sale. For example, parents of small children will often avoid buying a home with no tub since they won’t be able to bathe the children. Whenever possible, it’s best to have at least one bathtub but put a glass divider in place rather than a shower curtain or door and choose a smaller shower column system. This can be an upscale look when you choose the right wall tales and all kinds of buyers will love it.

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