The Tidy Books Box - Review

Slowly but surely my house has been taken over by toys and children's books, and even though we've got lots of storage there's not one room which is free from them. You go into the bathroom and there's bath toys from the kids bath last night. In the kitchen there's wooden blocks that Ava carted in this morning. Even when looking outside, the playhouse is right there and inside it I can see numerous toys and ride on's. I sometimes feel like our house is more like a toy shop than a home. The clutter is one aspect of parenting that I really struggle with, it drives me mad.

I'll be the first to admit that Noah and Ava have far too much stuff so every month I have a clear out and donate to either Noah's nursery or to the charity shop. But, as soon as I've cleared a box it quickly gets filled back up again with blog review toys or competition wins. It really is a vicious circle, but of course the kids love it and it's also great to be able to donate as much I do.

We have numerous toy boxes and storage units around the house and we also have a couple of different bookcases for their books too. Noah has book shelves and a book case in his bedroom and we also have a unit just for books downstairs. The unit is good for tidying the books away but it's not practical when the kids want to find a particular book and Ava struggles to get them out. With this in mind when Kiddies Kingdom offered us the chance to review a Tidy Books Box from their website I was delighted. I knew it'd be perfect for the kids.

The Tidy Books Box arrived in a flat pack form but it didn't take Nick five minutes to assemble it, it was very straight forward and easy to put together. It's available in an array of different colour combinations but I opted for white wood to match the furniture in our home. It's made from sustainable FSC lime plywood (No MDF) and measures H35cm x W55cm x D31cm. It's a very solid, heavy and well made piece of furniture and it has rounded corners for safety. Although it's quite heavy it is portable with it's built in handle. This makes it great for moving about the house and creating new story time corners. The box is very stylish but it's super practical too, it really would look perfect in any room.

It didn't take long before the kids had filled it with half a dozen books and Ava was so excited to see some of her favourites on display. With the caddy having two sides it can hold up to 40 books in total which I think is very impressive.

The Tidy Books Box is the perfect way to store and display books as it allows children to easily see and choose their own books. With them being so freely accessible it not only encourages children to pick up a book for story time but it should also encourage them to tidy them back up again too. I've been adding different books each week and having new ones on display has made sure that they are all being read and that new favourites have been discovered. I think that the clock feature is a lovely detail that will be a great for when it comes to teaching the kids how to tell the time.

The Tidy Books Box has made a wonderful addition to our home and we've had so many comments about it from guests. We use it on a daily basis and Ava is always sat next to it, helping herself to a book or two. I can see us using it for years and years to come, it really is a timeless piece. The Tidy Books Box retails at £73.00 and although pricey, is worth every penny.

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


  1. I love this, although megan would need at least four just for her books, she loves reading and listening to me read stories to her and Mollie, I agree it is pricey but when you think how many years you will have it it is definitely worth the cost xXx

  2. Love these - my nephew has one - planning on buying one for esmay for her 2nd birthday

  3. I tend to agree with you, this seems like a great product, though pricey. Though maybe durable / sturdy/ good quality.

    Rachel craig