3 Quick And Easy Ways To Save And Make Money Online

It wasn't until Nick and I had flown the nest and moved into our own home that we realised how expensive being a grown up is. Then just as we'd got used to paying and managing our bills we then decided to start a family together which of course was another wake up call when it came to our finances. Babies are so expensive and the cost of raising children gets more and more as they get older. I'll admit that back when I lived with my parents I took everything for granted and didn't really understand how much everything cost.

Nick and I moved in together 9 years ago and for the first 5 years we rented a string of different properties. Each house that we rented was a nightmare in one way or the other and it was such a waste of money too. Renting to me is just throwing money down the drain and unfortunately that was the case for us for a long time.

As renters we scrimped, scraped and managed to set a little bit of money aside each month to save for a deposit on a mortgage. It was quite difficult and there was times that we needed a little help and considered using Cash Lady who are a well respected short-term loan lender. It took years, but eventually we'd saved enough money to make the leap onto the property ladder and it's one of the best things that we've ever done. With saving so much money, with very little to save each month I have learnt a few tricks and tips over the years and today I thought I'd share a couple with you.
Shop around for the best prices
I do most of my shopping online so before I make any purchase I always shop around to find the best price currently available. There are comparison websites that you can use when it comes to higher value products and services but I tend to find that using google or by looking on websites like eBay tends to do the job. I very rarely pay full price for anything because I'm always determined to find a way to get it cheaper.

Search for online voucher codes
Once I've found the best price on a product I then turn to the internet again to search for online voucher codes. Adding a voucher or discount code onto your already discounted product can amount to quite the saving. If you wish to save visit VoucherButler for more discount/voucher codes.

Use cashback websites
Last but not certainly not least is to take advantage of cashback websites like TopCashback. If you haven't signed up yet then simply click here. Once signed up all you need to do is, find your retailer on their list of stores, click through the link, add your item to your basket, add your voucher code and click buy. Not only will you be saving money buy doing this but will also be earning some back too! In the years that I've been using cashback websites I've earned around £250. It's one of the easiest ways to save and earn money online and it's money for nothing!

It's a real sense of achievement when I see how much money I've saved over the years by using these three simple steps. My three tips may be quick, easy and just a bit of common sense but you'd be surprised by how many people don't do this and they are really missing a trick. By using these rules over the years I have saved and earned so much money when it comes to shopping online and you could do too.

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  1. I like cashback websites but it does take so much time to actually get the money I've found! x

  2. Great tips, I do all three of these, when I was a teen I couldn't wait too move out and be independent, and now I'd love to go back to paying £30 a week lodge to my mum and not worry about the bills xXx

  3. Good tips. I've made so much from top cashback