A Bedroom Fit For A Superhero

I've done well to get to four years without having to indulge in all the character themed clothing and interiors. I've always avoided them where I can as I find it can all be a little over baring (and tacky) at times. That being said, Noah's been obsessed with superhero's since he was two and a half years old, so I don't think it's a fad that is going to end any time soon. I don't think I can avoid it any longer and thankfully I quite like superheros too! 

We are currently renovating the house and when we've finished Noah will have an attic bedroom, something I always wanted as a child. He's so excited and although it's still bare floor boards, he's always putting on his wellies and heading up there to inspect the builders progress. It's very sweet!
With his ever growing excitement over his new room, I decided to let him decorate it however he likes. Well in moderation! He's asked for a Marvel themed room and at first he requested bright green hulk walls! Thankfully I've talked him down into having them white, with Marvel artwork and lights on the walls instead. Tonight we decided to do a little online shopping for him to pick out a few pieces that he'd like for his new room, all of which we plan to get.

1. Marvel Itty Bittys - £5.99
We already have quite a few Itty Bitty's in our collection having worked with them numerous times on the blog. There are however a few more Marvel characters that he needs to collect to add to his shelf. Naturally, these are first on his wish list and he's given me strict instructions on who to buy next. Flash!

2. Harley Stars Duvet Set - £13.00
I will probably buy Noah a Marvel bed set but I like having a couple to alternate with. These children's duvet covers offer a wide range of different options but the Harley Stars Duvet Set stands out for me and would match the theme of the room perfectly. I've also got my eye on the unicorn set for when Ava is older, it's so awesome!

3. Marvel Scatter Cushion - £6.99
This cushion would be great for on the bed as extra pillows are always needed when it comes to reading bedtime stories, all tucked up in bed. This one would look perfect on both a Marvel bedspread and the Harley Stars Duvet set. It's definitely one to buy, maybe I'll buy a variety of different ones.

4. Captain America 3D Deco Light - £89.99
Now this is a little pricey but look at it, it's so worth it! There's an array of different lights to choose from, Thor's Hammer, Hulk's fist, Iron Man's mask, Spider-Man's face but Captain America's shield has won us over. You can actually purchase all five for £350.00. I'd be tempted you know, they are so awesome!

5 . Character World Marvel Defenders Rug - £19.99
Wanting to avoid the bright green walls we are going full throttle when it comes to Marvel themed accents and accessories for his room. This rug would complete the room, it's official merchandise, is anti slip and feature's his favourite superheroes!

Do your children have themed bedrooms?

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  1. What fantastic ideas, my children did have themed bedrooms in our old home but we're yet to decorate our new home, it's magnolia through out, we are hoping to move back closer to our old home as we don't like the new area we are in but our housing association aren't much help to be honest so we're stuck in limbo a moment xxx

  2. wonderful ideas for a budding superhero