Project 365 - Week 09/52

25th February 2018

26th February 2018

27th February 2018

28th February 2018

1st March 2018

2nd March 2018

3rd March 2018

It's been one amazing week apart from one thing, Tonsillitis. It really knocked me for six and it took countless phone calls to 111 and my GP to be seen, which was ridiculous. They eventually gave me an appointment and prescribed some antibiotics and thankfully I was quickly on the mend. Illness aside it's been an epic week! We've had countless days and trips out in the snow, snow days where both Nick and Noah have been off work and nursery, world book day and we ended the week with one very special event, Ava's first birthday! I can't believe she's now one year old, it makes me feel so emotional. It doesn't feel like two seconds ago that I was writing my weekly pregnancy updates or her birth announcement. We threw her a birthday party at home, just like we did for Noah's first birthday. I love how they've both celebrated their first birthdays in our home, moments like those really make a house a home. We invited family and a few close friends and everyone had such a great time! Noah was running around the house with his cousins and friends and Ava was lapping up the attention!

What have you been up to this week?