Quick & Easy Hair Tips For Busy Mums

I've always had super long hair, all the way down to my bottom. Over the years I've spent countless hours, washing, conditioning, treating and preening my hair. I took a lot of care and pride in it and I'd get so many comments on how healthy and beautiful it was. Having extremely long hair is one of the things I'm most known for in my group of friends and I'm always described as "the girl with long hair."

Of course this all changed when I had children. I still have very long hair but long gone are the spontaneous hair and beauty pamper sessions. I just don't have the same amount of time to spend on my hair anymore which means it's usually scraped into a ponytail or assembled in some sort of messy bun.Lately I've come to the conclusion that I need to put more time and attention into my hair again. It's becoming quite unmanageable and lack lustre, and to be truthful, I miss having nice hair. With this in mind I've decided with the help of some friends, to put together a post which is full of quick and easy hair tips for my busy mum's like myself.

1. Go for the chop! I had my rib length hair recently cut to shoulder length and it’s so much easier to manage. Fast to dry and a quick blast with the hairdryer each morning straightens it! - Victoria 
2. Always apply heat protection spray when using heat styling products like GHD's. Just a few squirts not only protects your hair from heat damage but it gives a sleek finish, just like you'd achieve from the hairdressers - Jen
3. I take vitamin b for healthy hair and nails. After only a month I have seen a dramatic change in how my hair feels and it's grown a lot too - Carla
4. I swear by using coconut oil twice a week to keep my hair conditioned and shiny. Using straighteners everyday isn’t great for my hair - Andrea 
5. I make 4 big plaits at night, sleep in them and then take it out in the morning, add a little serum and put my fingers through my hair for natural easy wavy curls. No brushing required - Latoya
6. I'm terrible at having neat hair. If I need fancy hair I just twirl stands around my finger and pin them with the old faithful bobby pins. A messy (yet fancy looking) up do in 5 minutes - Sinead

Do you have any tips that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Great tips, my hair used to be lovely and thick, and since having the girls it's gone terrible, I want to dye it again but don't want the snapping thinning hair again xx

    1. Maybe a discussion with your GP ( General Practitioner) may be worthwhile. As there are some health conditions that can have an effect on hair thickness, hair quality etc. Vitamin, mineral deficiencies I believe may have been implicated in deterioration of hair quality / condition, etc.

      Nice to look and feel well / good, at our best. Best Wishes!

      Rachel Craig

  2. Long hair can give us some options / variety regarding styling.Yet shortage of time seems to lead to being practical, and tidying it away as quickly as possible :- Often most likely by putting it into a ponytail. When younger I would be complimented on my shiny, healthy looking hair. Hair was tidied into ponytail, or bun for work. Out with work hair would be worn loose. With time and age, hair tends to be tied back tidily, has unfortunately became dry. So not so well conditioned.

    Feel we all could benefit from ideas for hairstyles, haircare, etc. In the past I would vary according to season, etc. I found putting hair into a pleat shortly after drying, before leaving hair loose :- Gave more body, bounce, waves to hair. A few elastic bands used along length of ponytail gave a similar effect. I varied shampoos, as thought this may be most appropriate. Though was particularly fond of Apple shampoo, hair clean, shiny and smelt wonderful.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I used to love my hair in my teens and early 20s I had 4 children and now it's horrible.... Thin and damages easily I'm trying anything I can to save the hair I have left

  4. great tips as we all know as mums we neglect ourselves

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