First Time Car Buyer? Things To Consider Before Purchasing

Looking to purchase your first car? This is an incredibly exciting time and everyone looks back fondly on their first vehicle, but it is important that you take the time to find one that is perfect for your particular needs. This can be challenging as there is such great variety available, so here are a few of the considerations that you must make before parting with the cash.

First, you need to establish how much money you want to spend on the automobile. If it is your first car, it is best to opt for something relatively cheap as this will be the best way to start your driving career and reduce running costs (another factor to consider when establishing a budget).

You must also decide where the best place to purchase the vehicle from is. If purchasing second hand (a good idea if it is your first car), you should always buy from reputable sellers, like an Unbeatablecar, as this will be a safe and reliable place to purchase. Private sellers can be tempting because of their low prices, but there are risks attached to this route so it is best avoided.

As well as purchasing the automobile from a reputable seller, it is also important that you are purchasing a reliable vehicle. You can do this by opting for respected manufacturers and by reading reviews online to make sure that it is a high-quality, well-built vehicle which will not let you down.

Consider how many passengers you will need to transport around and whether or not you will need much storage space. This will help you to determine whether or not you need a large family car, a small city vehicle or anything in between.

Selecting a car with high mpg and low emissions can be a great way to reduce running costs whilst also doing your part for the environment. If you are an eco-conscious individual, you might want to take a look at electric vehicles as there are many excellent models available and a host of benefits of being an owner.

Technology has become a huge part of motoring in modern times so think about whether or not this is an important factor to you. If you are into technology, there are many vehicles that come with all kinds of great features that can enhance the safety, comfort, and performance of the automobile.

Purchasing your first car is an exciting process, but you should always carefully consider the above factors to make sure that you are getting the right car for your particular needs. This will help you to identify the perfect vehicle to get your driving career off to a smooth and enjoyable start.

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  1. Budget:- As you mention "best to opt for relatively cheap ". Is the advice, and Philosophy that I have been used to. Seems to be the same for many people that I have come across. Whether it be the individual who will use the car who is paying for the car, or parent /s who are providing the money for the purchase.

    Makes sense as allows new driver to build up some experience, as there are other costs :- financial, such as insurance, repairs, running costs, etc. As well as social, finances required for outings, events, holidays, etc. Need to build up Responsible role, Respect, Trust, by being a Responsible driver.

    Great blog, thanks for covering the topic. Time of year may be an incentive for some:- To learn to drive. Yet roads may be busier with people wanting to get to seaside, etc: Whilst the sun shines.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Budget is everything for me, I will be buying my first car next year!

  3. Budget - Whats the point if you cant afford to run it !

    1. Maybe a factor which is having an impact on many :- Individuals, families, etc. As price of fuel for a start. This topic of rising fuel costs has recently been in the media. As for many there is a need to travel to work. Some may have constrictions on method of travel. As distance from home to work, working hours, etc. May be some of the lower paid types of employment which have long and / or unsocial hours :- Which may mean public transport not convenient.

      Becoming more difficult for people to manage work commitments, family commitments, caring commitments, social opportunities. A huge negative impact on quality of life.

      Maybe number of cars bought will be negatively impacted upon.

      Rachel Craig

  4. Have known some who got first car via family or family friend. When someone known and trusted is renewing. As may need a newer, more reliable car due to commitments, etc.

    Means car may be gifted, or new owner more likely to have good accurate history of a used car. A family member or trusted friend who has knowledge and skills regarding car mechanics is extremely valuable. As they may oblige by checking over the car on a person's behalf.

    Rachel Craig