44 Cats On Nick Jnr, Freeview & Pop TV

AD - This is a collaborative post.

There are a couple of times in the day where Noah, Ava and I like to snuggle up and enjoy a cartoon or two, in the morning when we are getting ready for the school run and at supper time, before bath, book, and bed. There's only a handful of cartoons or TV shows that they'll agree on and 44 Cats have just been added to their exclusive list.

44 Cats is a cartoon which follows four cats (Milady, Lampo, Pilou and Meatball) who make up a band called the Buffycats. They love to sing and play music but also like to stand up against the neighborhood bullies too. 
The series concentrates on these four cats and each episode has an underlying message of friendship, diversity and helping others.

Meet the Buffycats
Lampo - is the lead singer and guitarist of the Buffycats. He is a tabby cat with a blue lightning symbol over his right eye. Lampo's whiskers act as a compass, guiding him to where he needs to go.
Milady - is the Buffycats' bassist. Her fur turns pink-purple whenever someone tells a lie.
Pilou - is the Buffycats' drummer. She uses her enchanting wide eyes to distract the show's villains.
Meatball - is the Buffycats' keyboard player. He has a big appetite and can sense danger.

We sat down to watch a couple of episodes tonight and the kids were absolutely mesmerised. The songs made them get up and dance and they had their fair share of giggles too. They liked getting to know each of the Buffycats and already have their favourite characters picked out. Noah thinks it's great how they can bust out a tune but also fight crime too - it's the best of both worlds in his eyes

44 Cats episodes are available to watch on Nick Jnr and on Freeview channel, POP TV. Each episode is between 10 to 15 minutes long and your children are guaranteed to have smiles on their faces throughout. Watch a full episode here and see for yourself.