Our Top 3 Holiday Destinations For 2019

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve enjoyed traveling. I was lucky enough to go abroad every other year when my parents and siblings, and those holidays have now become some of my favourite childhood memories. Knowing how much those family holidays meant to me as a child and how much I enjoyed them, I made a promise to do the same for my children too.

Although Noah and Ava are still so young, we’ve taken them abroad many times already. Ava was just 12 weeks old on her first holiday and it was such a lovely experience. Both children seem to have inherited the love of travel from me and embrace every moment, from getting a taxi to the airport at 2am, through to waiting for our baggage at our destination. They both seem to take it in their stride and even enjoy flying.

We usually choose friendly destinations like mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands when going abroad, but next year we’d like to visit someplace new and perhaps stretch further afield. Here are three destinations we are hoping to visit next.

Now, Italy isn’t too far afield but it’s a country that we are yet to visit and one which we’ve wanted to visit for years. I think it’s quite a family-friendly destination, but one that is filled to the brim with beauty, history, and culture. I think we would all learn a lot from visiting Italy, especially Noah who loves to learn about new countries. 

Cyrus is a little Greek island that has been calling my name for years now! Every time I see travel photograph’s of Cyprus I’m absolutely blown away by its beauty, it really takes my breath away. Cyrpus would be the perfect place to unwind as a family and to just really enjoy one another's company and the views. Also, Greek food? Need I say more?

This is a country which has had it tough over the past couple of years, the political conflicts have put a lot of tourists off visiting. That being said, with the new protocols it is now safer than ever, and there are so many areas which I'd really like to visit. I’ve also never heard anyone say a bad word about Turkey, it’s always recommended to me as the people there are so kind, the weather is hot and you get so much more for your money.

There’s also something else that we’d like to do differently next year. We are ditching the hotels and apartments and are planning on booking a villa instead. With this being something new to us I didn’t know where to begin, but thankfully Clickstay has made the process so much easier. With over 70,000 properties, in 70+ different countries to rent on their website, there are so many choices to consider, and I have Clickstay villas in Cyrpus and Clickstay villas in Italy bookmarked for later. Those countries are certainly forerunners for us at the moment.

There are so many advantages when it comes to renting a villa. They are a home away from home, a place for you to feel totally at ease. I’d also feel safer and would really enjoy the privacy and space with my family. Also, you don’t have to worry about the kids being loud and annoying the fellow guests!

Have you ever booked a villa, or would you consider visiting either of these countries?

- This is a collaborative post.


  1. Lots if lovely places to visit with children great tips Thank you Happily sharing

  2. you have great ideas, ive been to turkey it was beautiful

  3. I love to travel abroad and experience different cultures, but now not being able to take the kids out of school time, makes it difficult, because of what it costs, but our kids have traveled and i think its a huge eye opener for them to see how other people live. Italy is a place you should go, very child friendly, they love kids