5 Extraordinary Places To Live Or Visit In The UK

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If you have a love for all things cool and interesting, then chances are you might like a town or city that shares your passion for knowledge. You might expect the first cities to be listed as Cambridge and Oxford, but anyone who loves all things nerdy already knows that they have plenty to offer. In fact, they’ve taken the spotlight a little too long – so where else could become the home of museum lovers?

London - The National Archives
This one might take more than a one-day visit, and if you’re lucky enough to live in London, this is an absolute go-to for a trawl through. The Domesday Book, Henry VIII’s divorce papers from Anne Boleyn, the Treaty of Versailles are all housed here. History lovers rejoice: your new home has been found!

Bristol - The Clifton Observatory and Caves
This Bristolian observatory and caves sit above the Avon Gorge and showcase incredible views of Clifton Suspension Bridge as well as a bird’s eye view of Bristol itself. The observatory was first built as a windmill in 1766, which was then owned by William West in the mid-1800s. He converted it into an artist studio and installed a camera obscura, which still works to this very day. Through this vintage contraption, you can see a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding area. Bristol also has an abundance of independent shops, bars, and cafes, which all make for great places to read and meet like-minded people. If you’re looking at relocating, finding a Bristol based solicitor is your first step.

Powys - Spaceguard Centre
Did you know: between 100-150 tonnes of space materials hit the Earth’s atmosphere every day – some of which turns into shooting stars! The Spaceguard centre has one big aim, which is to “provide timely information to the public, press, media, and education about the threat of asteroid and comet impacts, and the ways in which we can predict and deal with them.”

Jodrell Bank - Cheshire
This place provided the backdrop to BBC’s Star Gazing Live, and for a good reason. It is home to the Lovell Telescope and, as a result, is now a hub for world-renowned scientists. It is currently housing a project that links six other British radio telescopes, all into a dish spanning 217km.

Lacock Village - Wiltshire
If you’d love to see the estate of the Bennet family estate, then you can actually go and see the real-life Meryton of Pride and Prejudice, and not to mention Godric's Hollow from Harry Potter. Card-carrying enthusiasts will be pleased to know that this is National Trust site, complete with its own medieval village.

If you’re someone who’s looking to find a like-minded town to live in, then hopefully we’ve got you covered here. Even if it’s just a day trip, exploring towns that truly enjoy their history is great fun. Towns and cities that embrace their history tend also to host other activities which make for a good hometown; such as great bars, good book-reading cafes and arts events. Whether you visit for an estate agent or just the museum has yet to be seen.

Where are your favourite places to visit in the UK?


  1. London has much to offer :- Such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  2. I love to visit the north of the country as I've spent so little time there x

  3. Great ideas for lovely family days outs xx

  4. I love a day out in London, there's always something different to do, I was brought up going to the different museums on day trips and we never got fed up of going!

  5. York is nice for a visit. Shambles, York Minster, Betty's Tearoom/s, etc. Many enjoyable visits have been in York, England.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Well, that is interesting. I didn't know about the Clifton Observatory and Caves!