How To Make Your Home More Tech-Savvy

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Are you looking to make your home more hi-tech? Many people are following the smart home trend due to the number of benefits that come with enhancing your home. This includes having a much more efficient household, and some forms of technology can actually help you reduce your outgoings.  

There are plenty of different ways you can update your home with technology but to start off, you should consider the following choices to make your living space more hi-tech.  

Hi-tech lighting fixtures 
Do you find that your electricity bills are significantly high? This is most probably due to leaving lights on accidentally, which is one of the main causes of expensive outgoings. To prevent this, you should consider investing in smart lighting such as censored lights which automatically turn off when no detection is established. This type of lighting is extremely cost-effective and efficient, which is why property investment companies like RW Invest back luxury developments with these hi-tech features.   

If you want to start small, you could simply replace your ordinary light bulbs with smart ones. These are wireless and are be operated via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This works to reduce your electricity usage which is great for your bank account and your carbon footprint.   
Smart heating devices  
Another massive household expense is usually the energy bills, which can be reduced significantly with the aid of technology, such as smart meters which allow you to monitor your energy usage via your phone or wireless device. This will automatically make you conscious of your usage habits, which can result in a massive decrease in your energy bills.  

If you find yourself forgetting to turn off your radiators, you can actually purchase Wi-Fi-controlled radiators which allow you to turn them off via your phone even when you’re away from home. This works by utilising geofencing technology which sends signals to your heating fixtures, which is great for turning them off and on if you want to warm up the house after a holiday.  
Update your security measures  
You may have an alarm system which you think you can trust; however, ordinary systems do not offer nearly as much protection as smart security devices do. If you feel like you need extra security that can be trusted, you should consider purchasing a smart security camera, which will monitor your entire property and you can check on it via your smartphone when you’re on holiday or just out for the day.  

Another great invention is the hi-tech doorbell, with most of them operated via Wi-Fi you can monitor who is visiting your home. They also feature high-quality monitoring systems so as soon as movement is detected, an alert will be sent to your phone, and you will be able to see who is at your door. This is ideal for working families who are always out of the house, especially if they are expecting a delivery, as this reassures them that their package is safe.  

Tech-savvy protection  
Are you worried about damage to your property? Before smart technology came around, it is very unlikely that you would be able to detect a leak or any damage in your home. Luckily, there are plenty of hi-tech devices that can stop your home from being at risk, which will ultimately save you from paying out for expensive repairs.  

These devices include pipe detection which works by syncing up your phone with an automated system which is programmed to prevent leaks by alerting you to switch off your water. There are also plenty of fire and carbon monoxide detectors which send emergency notifications to your phone when even the slightest detection is found. This will ensure that both your home and your family are safe at all times.


  1. Could be a real bonus for some families. I believe some people make use of such technology to check on pet dog, etc.

    Rachel Craig

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    Rachel Craig

  3. There are courses at libraries for learning about computers, iPads, tablets. Maybe there will be updates / courses on smartphones and the safety technology features mentioned on this blog. As all ages could benefit. Older people could probably benefit from censored lighting :- Perhaps lighting coming on in hallway, toilet, etc as they move into that area. As being able to see where they are heading could allow for safe visit to bathroom / toilet during a visit there in the early hours of the morning (due to need).

    Rachel Craig