How to Raise an Inquisitive Child?

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All children will have a natural curiosity for all things new in the world. But it is important to fulfill this curiosity to help ensure your child develops as an inquisitive child. With help from a Private School in Hertfordshire, here are some tips when it comes to raising an intuitive child. 

Ask Questions 

You want to make your home feel like a place where any kind of question can be asked. You both want your children to ask questions about something that they don’t understand, but you should also ask them questions. Ask them about what they are doing, or ask them questions about how they feel about certain things like stories or new experiences. This will encourage your child to be a more open child, keen to ask about the things that they don’t understand. Try never to be dismissive about the questions that they ask, and you can help their curiosity flourish. 

Go to New Places 

While it is important to have a sense of routine a lot of the time, shake-ups to your child’s routine can help keep their mind sharp and keen. Going to new places in particular is a great way to capture your child’s attention and provoke new questions in them about the world around them. 

Be a Role Model 

If you display a sense of curiosity yourself, your child will be quick to copy your attention to being inquisitive about the world. If they see that you yourself like to research new ideas, and learn about things that you don’t understand, they will feel encouraged to continue with their own sense of curiosity. You can also inspire their inquisitive mind by asking open-ended questions in general conversation, demonstrating your own fascination with how your child views the world. 

A child who is constantly curious will develop into a young adult who is always open to new experiences and thrill in discovering new things. Who wouldn’t want to encourage that?

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