Funko Pop! Wetmore Forest Monsters - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.

Collectibles, books, and soft toys - oh my! Those are three things Noah and Ava adore, so Wetmore Monsters have ticked all the right boxes for them, right off the bat. What are Wetmore Monsters I hear you ask? Well, In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, there's a wooded area known as the Wetmore Forest - where the rain never stops, and the trees are plentiful. Underneath the acre's of trees, shrouded in mist and fog, live an array of critters known as Wetmore Monsters.

Wetmore Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique personality which are bound to excite and intrigue children this Christmas, and beyond. There are six Wetmore Forest Monsters;

Picklez has energy to burn and a gift for lightening up a serious mood. This green, long-eared rascal loves nothing more than a little good-hearted mischief. Extremely speedy and smart as a whip.
Butterhorn is a gentle monster who always sees the best in everyone. Easily excitable, she loves an adventure. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, you can usually find her hanging out with her best friend Snuggletooth.
Chester McFreckle
Chester loves to solve a problem. He has a seemingly bottomless curiosity and a habit of taking things apart and then putting them back together again!
Snuggletooth is a natural leader. Brave and determined and fiercely protective of all those who are close to her. She is a true friend – honest, trustworthy and dependable.
Tumblebee sees the world through the innocent eyes of a child – marveling at simple beauty. He is strong and loyal and generous with hugs.
Being the smallest member of the group, some of the other monsters feel a certain protectiveness toward Bugsy. A keen-eyed explorer and joyful observer, Bugsy is always eager to help out in whatever way he can.

The Wetmore Forest line is exclusive to John Lewis and the range consists of books, plushes, and Funko Pop! figures. We were sent one of each for the purpose of this review, which was a great way to introduce Noah and Ava to the story behind Wetmore Forest. We received the large Picklez soft plush and his personality matches Noah's to a tee - it's a match made in heaven. The large plushes retail at £26.99 each and are super soft, and cuddly.

We also received a Butterhorn Funko Pop - RRP £9.99 and a hardback book - RRP £8.99. I have to admit, I was delighted to receive ButterHorn because after reading about the characters, I fell in love with her in particular. She has such a sweet nature, and is a lovely little role model for children.

The Funko Pop figure has gone straight onto Noah's bedroom shelf and Ava has asked me read the book countless times already, it's endearing to get a little insight into Wetmore Forest and to get to know the monsters. Purchase these items now, exclusive to John Lewis.


  1. These look fab i especially like the plush and the book sounds like any little one would enjoy it

  2. So cute - will be a winner here too

  3. aww i like these they are super cute