4 Unique Polish Cities To Consider Visiting

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Poland is one of those lesser-known European destinations that people typically don’t speak about. Sure, a lot of the western European locations like Spain and France are a bit more developed and popular with tourists, but that doesn’t mean that locations such as Poland aren’t interesting or unique in their own right. So to help you out, we’ve put together a short list of four unique Polish cities that you should absolutely consider visiting when you next have a chance to go on holiday.

1. Krakow
Krakow is a city that everyone falls in love with at first sight. It’s an incredibly modern-looking city with crowded streets, fancy restaurants, unique architecture and a plethora of museums. Attractions such as the Krakow salt mines are incredibly unique and interesting places to visit because of the rich history it has. You’ll find that Krakow is full of these kinds of destinations and it’ll feel a lot like large metropolis cities that you can find all over the world. However, its architectural design and overall feel are much different, contributing to a wonderful experience that is highly recommended if you ever find yourself visiting Poland.

2. Toruń
Toruń is filled with architectural structures such as old churches, castles and towers. It’s an incredibly picturesque city that has managed to preserve its history incredibly well. We highly suggest taking a visit to Toruń if you want to see an older side of Poland away from all of the modern innovations design styles. It’s a far cry from the avant-garde styling of Krakow and creates a wonderful contrast of what Poland has to offer.

3. Zakopane
Zakopane is a famous mountain town in Poland that deserves as both a domestic and international tourist destination thanks to its snowy environment. This makes it a wonderful place to go skiing if you’re into extreme sports. You can also come here to try traditional Polish food, dance to energetic highlander music and admire the unique architecture of Zakopane.

4. Warsaw
Let’s finish our list with the capital itself; Warsaw. As the most famous and well-known city of Poland, you can expect Warsaw to be filled with unique attractions, monuments, historical sites and a lot more. Whether it’s the Royal Castle that you want to explore, exciting events to participate in or the mix of old and modern architecture, it’s certainly a city that will impress everyone that walks through it.

While travelling to Poland might be a little daunting for inexperienced travellers, it’s actually a great location to start if you want to explore more of what the continent has to offer. With vast landscapes, picturesque cities and an endless list of attractions to visit, you’ll never have a boring day when visiting Poland. If it is your first time, then we highly suggest taking a look at a Polish travel guide for more suggestions on cities to visit, highlights to take an interest in and even activities that you should absolutely try!


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