3 Simple Ways To Make Moving Home Easier

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In 2014, after years of renting, we were fortunate enough to place our feet firmly on the property ladder. We were accepted for a mortgage, despite my maternity leave, and we took to looking for our first home right away. They say that you know when a house is right for you, it's a feeling you get in your gut and we sure had that feeling and decided to place an offer on the house the same day. It wasn't pretty, in fact, it needed an endless amount of TLC, and there was a lot of admin to go through before we could get started. Our first port of call was looking into online conveyancing solicitors to help us on our journey. Once all the paperwork was done it was then time to get on with the renovation.

The house was dated, with avocado coloured bathroom, a bright red 40s kitchen, and green floral bedrooms and it had never had central heating and needed a full rewire. 
however, that didn't put us off. The walls were knocked back to brick, the floorboards were ripped up, we totally gutted the entire house. Thankfully, we didn't let all the work ahead of us put us off - we could see it's potential as a great family home for Nick and I as first-time buyers.

There was that much work that needed to be done that we had to live with our inlaws for six months. It was a difficult time, trying to parent an infant, work on the house almost daily, all while living with other people. In between all the renovation work we had the task of packing up all our belongings, to then transport to our new home. This has led me to write this post - here are 5 ways to make moving home easier.

1. Read or watch anything by Marie Kondo
I don't think I'll either be as minimalist as her but I would like to be - that's the dream for sure. Marie Kondo offers a plethora of tips both in her book and on the hit Netflix series. She is also such a sweet person and she makes me smile every time I see her on my screen. She teaches people how to organise, sort, and throw/donate anything that doesn't spark joy! This is also something you could do on a monthly or seasonal basis - not just when moving home.

2. Sell, donate and recycle things you no longer want or need
My Marie Kondo tip leads me nicely onto my next suggestion. Don't dispose of things you no longer want or need, it's so wasteful and you are adding to landfill when you really don't have to. If there's still life left in a product consider selling, donating, or recycling it. Online recycling sites make it easy to recycle apple products and other old electronics taking up space in your home. I also like to donate a multitude of other items, from clothes the kids have grown out of, to crockery and artwork - usually to our local RSPCA charity shop.

3. Hire a removal company
Last but certainly not least - hire a removal company! Moving home is exhausting, especially on top of everything else which needs to be done. Hiring a cheap removal company costs next to nothing and helps out tenfold. I wouldn't move without hiring one again - that service is a must-have for me.

Do you have any tips you would like to share?

We got a great tip from someone that was thinking of moving house in a few months. They used a moving checklist and priced out each important stage using online comparison websites covering conveyancing, surveying, house insurance, and removals. They managed to identify professionals that provided fixed fee quotes. The result was a budget that they could rely upon. Some comparisons websites ask for personal details upfront which results in emails and calls which of course is far too early when you are just gathering prices. They used the Homebuyer Conveyancing quotations website which provides a wide range of local and national Conveyancers. In your own time, you can view the fully inclusive legal fees and disbursements without the need to enter your personal details.

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