Living Arrows - February 2020

This year, I'm making an effort to take part in more linkies, especially ones that are solely about the kids - my favourite subjects to photograph and document. I started the year with my first Living Arrows post for 2020 and hopefully, it is going to be something I will stick to as they are lovely to look back at. I had an array of different photographs to use for March but these shots really stood out to me - they really make me smile.

We are lucky to live in a part of Lancashire which is surrounded by picturesque countrysides and lush woodland areas and they just so happen to be two of our favourite types of places to explore. I pack up a bag full of supplies and fill our flasks with hot chocolate and we are good to go. We can spend hours together outdoors, collecting sticks, searching for rocks, and examinating bugs - great for stretching your legs all while enjoying the fresh air together.

Living Arrows


  1. Days like this are some of my favourites - fresh air and a leg stretch. Perfect! x

  2. They both look like they are loving their time in the woods. I love living in Lancashire too - it's such a diverse county :)