Finding The Perfect Cottage Flooring

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Floors can be the victim of heavy foot traffic especially in areas such as the kitchen or living area. If you are renovating or designing a country cottage home, you require specific styles and functions. To start with, the overall theme of the design should exuberate warmth and homily features that are inviting to guests. A good way to set the tone for your new country cottage design is to start is with your flooring. Here are some handy tips for the perfect cottage flooring with many added bonuses.

The go-to material for cottage flooring is oak and there is a good reason why. Oak does not have to be just golden or brown, it can be red, purple, or even black in tone. You can even base each room according to the type of ambiance or function of that room, the options are limitless! However, if you find yourself looking for a new style of flooring for your cottage, why not try slate? It will contrast beautifully with the current oak touches, such as beams or furniture which may already exist in your cottage. Furthermore, it offers a sleek and modern touch to an already classic style.

As we have previously discussed, there are plenty of colour options available. However, sometimes going back to basics can work just as well. Try white woods to create the illusion of a bigger space, which you want to make stylish, but keep comfortable for yourself and guests.

If you occupy your cottage during winter, then underfloor heating is a necessity. In cases like this, you need flooring which will not warp or be damaged by features such as this. The easiest method for installation is to lay your underfloor heating before your flooring.

Patterns and layering
The option with choosing flooring is that modern technology means planks can come in all shapes and sizes which leaves you with the ability to pattern and layer your flooring to your preferences. Parquet or Herringbone patterns mean that you can compile 2 or 3 colours of flooring and make up a design that is completely unique to your home.

Oaks for all designers
Whether interior design is your profession or your hobby, everyone involved will be happy with your choice of luxury vinyl flooring. Amtico offers oak and slate flooring in shades which are perfect for cottages. Feeling adventurous? Luvanto offers a high-quality luxury vinyl flooring which centres more around pattern creation throughout their top rages; Endure Pro, Design, and Click and Herringbone. It’s time to bring the country cottage look into the 21st Century, with luxury vinyl flooring.


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