Less Stress During Home Renovations

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Home renovations are always going to be a bit stressful, if only because it’s impossible not to make some mess no matter how small the job. Taking a logical, step-by-step approach will help the task go smoother with a minimum of stress and fuss for everyone.

Initial Planning
Taking a step back and pausing for thought before plunging into a renovations project lets you see the bigger picture and can give plenty of clues for how to get started.
● What materials do you need? Estimate quantities and costs, make lists and tick items off as you collect them.
● Do you have a clear result in mind? Be sure about colour and texture choices. Samples and tester paint pots really help.
● Have you fixed your budget, and can you stay within it? Overestimating how much money you’ll need to complete the project will give you a bit of wiggle room for any unexpected problems or expenses.
● What storage or packing arrangements do you need to make so you can carry on as normal a life as possible during work? Everyday tasks can turn into ma-jor undertakings during kitchen or bathroom renovations, for instance.
● When is the most convenient time to start? School holidays might not be the best, for example, if children at home will slow down work or put them in any danger.

Preparing Your Work Area
Start by clearing your space. If you need to move heavy furnishings, decide ahead of time where they’ll go, and collect some boxes to store items as you empty cabinets or sideboards before you try to lift them. With a clean work area, do the prep for the type of job you’re doing. If you’re sand-ing, lay down dustsheets; if you’re painting, make sure woodwork or walls are dust-free, clean and dry before you start. While you’re stripping wallpaper, have rubbish bags handy so you can bundle up the scrap paper as soon as it comes off the wall. Put pets somewhere safe while you're working - wet paint and dogs don’t mix well.

Tips for Storing and Safeguarding Possessions
Clearing your space, as mentioned in the previous section, is easy to say but harder to do. Bigger renovation jobs mean you’re likely to need a lot of alternative space in which to store the things you’ve cleared. Put all the smaller, loose items into boxes rather than piling them on the floor or dot-ting them around other rooms. You’ll save on breakages, protect items from paint spatters, and make replacing them easier when you’re done. Plus, it gives you the chance to have a bit of a declutter, which is never a bad thing. Consider self-storage for larger items of furniture, or if you have a lot of boxes that would otherwise get in the way. Some renovation projects can take several days or weeks, and life can quickly get stressful and muddled if you’re tripping over boxes piled up around the house, especially if you also have small children. If you don’t need a whole self-storage room, some self-storage facilities also provide lockers. You might also want to consider these if you’re hiring contractors and want to keep valuables secure. Make sure the items you pack up to keep at home are well protected. Use old newspapers to cushion breakables in boxes. Towels and tea towels are also handy for wrapping up delicate items. Creating a work plan, clearing space and organising materials before you start helps the project go faster. You’ll be able to just crack on and create your perfect new space with a lot less stress.

Do you have any tips you would like to share?

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