3 Ways I've Been Keeping Busy During Lockdown

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We've been in lockdown now for over 3 months and it doesn't look like things are going to go back to normal anytime soon. It's been nice to slow down, unwind and put our normal routine to one side, however, we've started to have moments of frustration. I'm sure most of us have felt the same way. I've exhausted Netflix, read a dozen books, homeschooled to the best of my ability, spent hours on Reddit, baked numerous cakes, and soon turned my attention to productive activities - things which I enjoy doing but had been putting off for some time.

You could say that we don't actually have a garden. We have a small back yard and a front yard which is made solely of decking. That hasn't stopped me gardening, in fact, it's become one of my main hobbies during lockdown. I have planters, pots, and tubs, full of different plants. We have sunflowers, lilies, and lavender plants and are growing tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, chillis, cucumbers, mint, and basil. The kids check the strawberry bush every morning and share their spoils and I've spent countless hours tending to my plants - it's great for my wellbeing.

If you follow the blog then you'll know that we bought our first home six years ago. The house needed a full renovation, top to bottom, back to brick. It was a labour of passion and we are still finding little jobs that we need to do here and there. During lockdown, we've been able to tackle various tasks that we'd been offputting - mainly decorating! We've repainted the whole of the downstairs and now looking at installing Laminate Flooring in the dining room. Not only would it modernise and brighten up the room but it would be so much more practical with two children, a cat, and a puppy.

Puppy training
This might sound a little out there but Tucker has been quite the distraction and companion for the whole family during lockdown. Usually, we would be out and about with school, toddler classes, scouts, swimming, and so on but lockdown has meant we've been with him pretty much 24/7. This has given me ample time and opportunities to train him. He's still a pup but he's potty trained, doesn't cry at night, and knows commands such as; sit, lie down, roll over, spin, paw, high five, and dance. He's a joy!

How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?


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