SCOOB! Action Figures & Mystery Machine - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.

Did you know that it's been over 50 years since the first episode of Scooby-Doo? The show and characters are still ever so popular which is evident in the newest film; SCOOB! The film is due to hit the UK cinemas sometime this year - we'll certainly be going to see it when we can. To mark the occasion the kids were sent two products from the new SCOOB! toy range - brought to you by Character Options.

The SCOOB! action figure pack contains 6 different characters from the new film - Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Blue Falcon, Dick Dastardly, Dusty Rotten, and Black Rotten - his two robot companions. Each figure is so well made, the largest standing at five inches tall - to scale to the Mystery Machine and other playsets. They have such attention to detail, many of which are articulated on the joints - great for roleplaying! Noah took a shine to Blue Falcon - proclaiming that he was his new favourite superhero. 

The SCOOB! action figure pack is suitable for children from 3 years of age and retails at £9.99 - which I think is excellent value for money. They are great for playing with or without the Mystery Machine.

Next, we have the Mystery Machine itself - in all it's glory! This toy really packs a punch when you see it displayed in the packaging - the kids couldn't wait to open it up and get playing with it. It was quite tricky getting it out of the box as it required a screwdriver, but once we were in - we were in!

The Mystery Machine comes with a Shaggy figure which is exactly the same as one that comes with the action figure set. It has room in the passenger seat and inside for other figures - all sold separately. It can be pushed along as a stand-alone vehicle and can be opened up to reveal a playset. Once opened up there's not much to do inside and all the details are created visually by stickers - that said the kids don't seem to mind. I also found it quite refreshing that it doesn't require batteries or make any atrocious sounds - thank heavens for small mercies!

Noah and Ava really enjoy playing with the new SCOOB! toys - creating their own mysteries to solve! We've been watching reruns of the cartoon due to playing with them and they've added so much excitement for the new film too. You can buy these toys and more online at Argos.

Would your children like these toys?


  1. Gosh, your post took me on a trip down memory lane. I remember the characters fondly from my childhood. These toys really bring them to life and at a great price, too.

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