Living Arrows - June 2020

Better late than never, here are my Living Arrow photo's for June 2020. Another month in lockdown, our third and it's quickly becoming the new normal. Here is last month's post. We are getting used to not seeing our friends and family as often as we'd like to and being more housebound - which is good in a way because it makes day to day life easier but it's also quite sad. I hope when things do go back to how things were that we are all able to adjust back to how we used to be. That said, we make sure to stretch our legs every day and we still go on many local adventures together, with Tucker of course. These three shots were taken at the start of the month, at Rowley Lake which is a local fishing spot and nature reserve. It's such a picturesque walk and a great place for the kids and puppy to explore. Talking about the dog, can you spot him on one of these photos? I promise he's somewhere!

Living Arrows


  1. Oh your two are just so cute together, they look so sweet sitting there side by side. We've definitely got used to just being at home now too x

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  2. What a lovely place to visit with the kids #livingarrows

  3. It looks like a lovely place for a walk. Being at home so much seems so normal now, it will be so strange when things get back to 'normal' x #LivingArrows

  4. Good to see these Kids having fun in the lockdown. I have missed your blog for quite some time. Firstly I was busy collecting Software Engineering Dissertation Topics, and then once I got the topic approved, I had to start working on the dissertation. But thankfully, I am done with everything now. And, I am going to go over all your posts that I missed during the last couple of weeks.

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