Disney Marie & Thumper Plush Soft Toys from Siso Toys UK - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.

Disney is near and dear to many people's hearts and it's no different in our family. We love the classic Disney films and the new - Disney+ has been a lifesaver during lockdown! I also have a secret to share - Noah and Ava don't know it yet but we are going to Disneyland Paris next year! With this in mind, you can understand how excited I was to accept some of the new Disney Plush toys to review.

Brought to you by Siso Toys UK there's an array of different Disney characters to collect. The new range features classic characters that we all know and love, favourites from Bambi, The Aristocats, 101 Dalmations, Lady & The Tramp, and more. They are also available in two sizes, 17cm & 35cm, with a third size, 25cm, being released later on in the year. I'm glad we didn't have to choose which ones we wanted to review as we would struggle because they are all so beautiful and many of them are our favourite characters.

We received a 35cm plush of Marie from The Aristocats - RRP: £19.99 and a 17cm Thumper from Bambi - RRP: £9.99 for the purpose of this review. As you can see they are very true to their characters in the classic movies and they are absolutely adorable. You can't beat a classic soft toy, especially when they are made to this standard. The attention to detail is astounding and they are so soft and cuddly.

Ava has cuddled both plushes ever since they arrived and the day they arrived she insisted on watching The Aristocats and Bambi with both sitting on her lap - as you can see by the photos above. With so many Disney characters being immortalised by film I can imagine this collection will be ever so popular. As well as the Classic collection, there are more of Disney plushes to collect 
across a variety of ranges, such as Frozen 2, Toy Story, Mickey, Minnie, and more. The range is available to buy now instore at Tesco - I think we might have to collect a few more!


  1. These look great, so soft and cuddly. We love all those classic Disney films!

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  2. They're so cute, Ava is a lucky girl!

  3. Aww sweet photos! Those plushes are lovely too!