CBeebies Love Monster - TV Show, Books, And More - Review

AD - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review and compensated for our time.

2020 has been such a rollercoaster of a year - the kind of rollercoaster you want to get off or didn't want to go on in the first place. The severity of everything that is happening in the world is a lot to handle and I often look at Noah and Ava and wonder what they must be thinking, and feeling. Life has changed so much for them. There have been times when they've been weepy, frustrated, and confused, or just plain fed up. They miss visiting their family more than anything, so when lockdown eased a few weeks ago it was such a relief to see their grandparents again. Unfortunately, that has all changed again in Lancashire and they are we are no longer allowed to visit family. This sudden decision by the government has sent their emotions into overdrive - they don't understand why they can't see them again. It's resulted in so much frustration, especially for Ava who really can't grasp what is going on, she's only three.

Love Monster is a TV series that helps children learn all about their emotions - what they are and also how to express them. We watched a couple of episodes together this weekend and I have to say that I benefited from it too. It's a reminder that all feelings are ok and shouldn't be labeled as 'good' or 'bad'.

Bouncy Slidey Day was one of our favourite episodes. It opened up a discussion about fear and bravery and how it's easier to be brave with the help of a friend. It was very apt as they both have big changes coming up. Noah is moving up a year in school and Ava finally starts nursery after COVID delayed it somewhat. It also led to a chat about their best friends and how they can't wait to see them again in September - that's if school and nursery reopen.

They both said they wished Love Monsters hometown 'Fluffytown' was real because it looks like such a lovely place to live, filled with dozens of cute characters; Book Cub, the In-Chicks, Delivery Duckling, Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny and, Bad Idea Puppy. It's lovely to get to know each character and see that they have vulnerabilities too.

Love Monster doesn't just end with the TV series - there's are different books to collect too. I think this is brilliant because sometimes you would rather settle down with a book, instead of in front of screens. The illustrations are bold and bright and the stories are so endearing. 

We've read the Perfect Present story a dozen times now - it seems to be the favorite out of the two. It's all about Love Monster and how he doesn't have enough money to buy his friend the present that he wants. He's sad but he comes to the conclusion that the most important gifts are ones made with love - it really is the thought that counts. Ava has taken a shining to this book so much that she even brings it on walks with us.

Included in our package were different Love Monster themed activities; colouring, mazes, spot the difference, painting, mask making, seed planting, and more. Ava often helps me garden and enjoys painting so she had her plant pot decorated and cress seeds planted in no time. I love how this activity is a little nod back to the Plant a Seed Day episode - which focuses on patience and how growing plants is so rewarding.

Ava can't stop talking about "lub monster" and how she wants to give him a big hug. He's such a sweet and caring character and the TV series and books are so charming and endearing - I'd definitely recommend Love Monster to all parents, grandparents, and carers out there. Love Monster is our new friend. You can watch episodes every weekday on Cbeebies or on-demand on BBC iplayer.


  1. What a lovely way for children to learn about their emotions. Wonderful.

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