DC Batman Mission 3-in-1 Batcave Playset & Launch And Defend Batmobile - Review

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Noah has been a superhero fan since he was a tot - it's certainly not been a phase for him. He has so many different kinds of DC and Marvel toys, oodles of the stuff - he can never get enough. We were recently sent the DC Batman Mission 3-in-1 Batcave Playset and the Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile to review. Noah declared that it was "sick" when he opened up the box - I take that as his seal of approval.

The DC Batman Mission 3-in-1 Batcave Playset is quite an impressive looking playset - one that takes a good half hour to assemble with all the stickers and different bits and pieces. It has 3 action-packed levels and 2 sides to explore - Gotham City and the Batcave.

Each level and side is playable and features many different elements to interact with. It features a breakable wall, petrol pump, jail, dumpster, changing chamber, golden armor, zipline, light-up computer, and much more. The playset includes a Batman figure, to scale to the set, and requires AA batteries.

Noah has really enjoyed playing with the DC Batman Batcave over the past week or two - he appreciates all the different areas to explore and he said it feels like more of a grown-up toy compared to some other playsets that he has. I thought that was quite interesting coming from a six-year-old and shows that it's not a toy that they'll grow out of quickly. His favourite feature is the jail cell and the zip wire. He also thinks the figure is quite cool and real looking - his words, not mine.

As a parent I have noticed a few niggles here and there - one being all the bits of cardboard you are supposed to add to it - it cheapens the toy, they fall out of place and I can guarantee they'll either get lost or ruined. Thankfully, those parts aren't needed and don't affect play at all. It's also quite top heavy so falls over a lot when he's playing quite boisterously - like kids do when playing superheroes. Those are just me nitpicking though. The DC Batman Mission 3-in-1 Batcave Playset is available from Amazon and retails at £44.99.

The Launch and Defend Batmobile really packs a punch even before it's out the packaging - Noah couldn't wait to get into it. It comes with a Batman figure, Batmobile, and remote control. I was delighted to realise that its rechargeable too - why don't more toys offer this function? Aesthetically it looks amazing - very much like it does in the films. It opens up to reveal a seat, which has a hidden surprise - one that really impressed Noah. It has a launch feature - simply place Batman on the seat, click him into place and he's ready to drive - or launch.

The remote control is quite lightweight and is Batman shaped - great attention to detail. It has 2 levers, one to move the mobile backward and forwards, the other to turn left and right. The red button in the middle launches Batman through the air! It has to be seen to believed.

Although the Batmobile isn't to scale to the playset it still works really well - they go brilliantly together or can be bought and played with separately. The Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile is also available from Amazon for £29.99. I think both toys would make great gifts for all superhero fans out there.


  1. These both look fab, I agree with you saying that they are a bit more grown up than the usual type of playset. I think my five year old would love these

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  2. This looks like such fun - I remember seeing the Christian Kane batman as a kid and being obsessed!

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