How to Raise a Science Lover

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Many children enjoy science because it is such a diverse subject. Science helps to fuel your child’s curiosity, build their knowledge, and give them a better understanding of how the world works. Science can also help children to develop certain skills, such as problem-solving, communication, and investigation. If you would like some advice on how to raise a science lover, here are some great tips from an independent school in London.

Encourage questions
There are many ways you can teach your child about science; however, the best way is to explore their own questions and ideas. For example, if they ask you questions about night and day, you could demonstrate the positions of the sun using a globe and a torch. If they ask where rain comes from, you could demonstrate condensation using hot steam from the kettle.

Teach through play
Building blocks and modeling clay are both great ways to encourage science learning through play. For young children, you can also experiment with water and observe how different materials sink and float. As your child grows, you can introduce them to construction toys, such as Lego and K’nex. These toys encourage children to be creative and problem-solve, which are both incredibly important academic skills. Puzzles are also ideal for encouraging older children to problem-solve, plus you can enjoy them together as a family.

Explore Nature
Exploring the great outdoors is one of the easiest ways to teach your child about science. Encourage your child to explore plants and wildlife and discuss how trees produce oxygen for us to breathe. By exploring nature together you will also be teaching your child to respect the environment and all living things. Children can even be encouraged to help in the garden. Get them planting seeds so that they can learn about how things grow.

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