5 YouTube Videos to Watch Before Converting Your Camper

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Living in a camper comes down to what you make of it. It all starts by converting your chosen base vehicle into a camper. Regardless of the type of camper, you can afford, camper living is about making the most of your freedom.

You get to live according to the terms you have set for yourself as you continue to rebel against the norms linked to everyday living. Before getting started with your conversion, there are a few videos I would like you to watch.

1. Wandering Bird Motorhome Adventures
Anyone thinking of doing a campervan conversion should begin by watching this video by Wandering Bird Motorhome Adventures. It applies to all campervan enthusiasts, regardless of whether they’re abroad or in the UK. It features campers who have done conversions on their own and touches on the lessons they have learned along the way. In it, you’ll learn the pros and cons of undertaking a transformation, including the layouts to consider in your build. You should learn some essential tips to help smoothen your conversion.

2. Van Clan DIY Camper Conversion
Are you interested in learning about some of the best conversions available right now? Van Clan is pretty enlightening as it highlights the top 10 Best VAN LIFE DIY Camper Conversions to date. The twelve-minute video looks at the best do-it-yourself campervan conversions you’ll find on the road today. They’re conversions undertaken by seasoned and renowned campers, many of whom have been living this life for years.

3. Rickyvanman
Rickyvanman takes you through how to make a campervan from the ground to completion. What’s more, he provides tips on how you can do this on a budget, ensuring you don’t get to go out of pocket. I highly recommend this video as it captures the mistakes made during the conversion process and how not to make the same mistakes. You’ll find some great tips on how to go about with your build.

4. Gabe and Pau
Gabe and Pau take you on the journey to making a full van conversion. The one thing I like about this video is the fact that Gabe and Pau are complete amateurs and are making their first-ever build. It should prove interesting for all camper fans looking forward to completing their first build.

5. Vanlife Sagas
Are you planning to live the rest of your life in a camper? Well, there’re a few things you ought to know before beginning the van life. Vanlife Sagas details some of the things you should know before beginning this life. It provides an accurate depiction of what to expect, including the challenges you’ll face and how best to prepare yourself.

Getting Campervan Conversion Insurance
It can sometimes feel impossible trying to find a suitable insurance policy to protect the upgrades you intend to make to the campervan. Additionally, the rules used to cover a conversion can vary from one insurer to the next. For this reason, there’s a need to conduct detailed research to find campervan conversion Insurance policy that best fits your DIY camper conversion.

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