How To Make Handmade Fashion Jewellery From Recycled Glass

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Glass has the unique dual property, extremely useful in protecting the environment and significantly reducing waste: it can be used many times for the packaging of a product and recycled - if worn or broken - unlimited times. Thus, we could virtually eliminate glass packaging waste by generalizing the reuse and recycling of glass bottles and jars. Recycled glass is a beautiful material that has gained ground in the field of jewelry. So many times, you have bought jewelry made from recycled glass without you even knowing it. But why buy them since you can make them with your own hands?

Fusing Recycled Glass
Fusing is a technique of processing glass in special ovens, where the glass is heated from 590 to 850 degrees Celsius in order to obtain the desired texture, shade, and shape.

Historically the fusing technique dates back to around 2000 BC. Archaeological finds of glass testify that the Egyptians were the first to develop glass melting techniques. References are also made to the Romans as the earliest connoisseurs of the fusing process. The fusing technique pre-existed for about 2000 years until it evolved into the blown-glass technique.

Blown Glass Technique
The fusing technique is the casting of the glass in special molds and the process is carried out in a special closed oven. We can predict with relative accuracy the desired result through mathematical formulas and special curves of the glass at different temperatures. We plan the oven and all the stages through which the glass needs to pass, and after 24 hours, we can open it and see the result of our works of art. In the fusing technique, the first basic processes are performed outside the oven.

Cut the glass to the desired shape with a unique cutting diamond or special wheels, and then depending on the type of object, we choose whether to pierce the glass or whether to grind it. In the oven, we can also, if the glasses are compatible with each other, make a composition of more than one piece of glass and become a body with each other during baking. In this way, we can create reliefs and colors that emphasize the second dimension.

The blown glass technique is a process that takes place faster because the craftsmen work the glass masses by hand. The craftsman heats a glass mass in a special oven reaching 1300 degrees Celsius. It then handles the glass mass with the special metal blow tube. It starts shaping the group by rotating the tube, oscillating it, and intervening with other special tools for the final formation. At the same time, it can blow inside the glass mass and create the necessary vacuum. A skilled craftsman is able to give any shape and shape to the glass by rotating the tube, swinging it, and controlling the temperature of the glass mass while blowing.

Of course, there are other glass processing techniques, but certainly, these two are the most common, and their use is more common in the manufacture of handmade jewelry. A company that deals with creative recycling and, more specifically, with the creation of handmade jewelry from recyclable glass is the company Minimis, making beautiful and elaborate products for women and men while respecting and protecting the planet. Discover these exceptional products that will complete and give another feeling to your look and will make you stand out among the crowd.

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