How To Stay Relaxed in Pregnancy

Pregnancy, although it is supposed to be a relaxing time, can feel more worrisome than ever. Between working, raising other children, and all of the medical appointments it can become quite stressful. We know that stress is bad for us, and yet it can feel impossible to keep it under control in the lead up to a baby arriving. 

So here are some simple tips to help you make the most of your pregnancy, and lower those stress levels. 

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Being completely upfront, when you start yoga you are likely going to release a lot of trapped wind. So if that type of thing bothers you - this is better done at home. Yoga is perfect for emotional release and relaxation, pregnant or not. But during pregnancy we are a little more supple, and yoga can help you during labour and birth. Learning controlled breathing, and gentle motions to release and widen your hips can be incredible in birth. Opt for gentle flows that are designed for pregnancy as your center of gravity is different to regular. 

Big Items

Running around a showroom at 38.5 weeks pregnant is one of the least fun things ever. If you are feeling the pressure to have bigger items in the house earlier than 30 weeks then do so. If it makes you feel better to buy things slowly, then do that. Opt for a retailer that offers a wide range of brands like For Your Little One, that way you will have everything you need in one delivery. No worries! 


Almost every thought you have has during pregnancy, someone else out there has through the same thing. What colour is baby poop? What colour should my poop be? What was that strange twinge? Should my back hurt this much? There isn’t a single question that is stupid either, anything that you need to aks or talk about, find forums or friends to hear you out. Talking about what worries us can often make the issue seem much smaller, and you might get the answers you need to put your mind at ease. 

Complementary therapies

Have a chat with your midwife and see if there are any recommended complementary therapies in the local area. Book things like foot massages, and facials. Be mindful to only book things that are approved during your pregnancy. It is important to only book time with those qualified and trained to perform treatments on pregnant people. It is usually recommended to avoid herbal remedies, but everything can be discussed with your midwife. 

Go Easy

As you get closer to the end of pregnancy you will get tired more easily, and you most likely will have sore ankles and feet, and perhaps feel a bit cranky too. Instead of feeling guilty about it, learn to accept that you might need to do things a little bit slower, and don’t force yourself to do more than you want to. If you have friends and family around who are offering to help you out - let them. 

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