Project 365 - Week 39

25th September - 1st October








We've had one busy old week, that's for sure! A family day out on Sunday which involved a trip to a garden centre which believe it or not was full of Christmas stuff already! Noah has nursery just one afternoon this week as he was feeling unwell on one of the days. He cried and was so scared when I left him again but I think we are slowly but surely getting there. When I went to collect him he told me all about what he'd been up to and what snack he'd eaten which he usually doesn't do! Progress! We took a trip to soft play on the Wednesday where Noah had a blast especially on the bouncy castle. Then this weekend we took a trip to London, the highlight being a visit to the Zoo. It's been all go go go and I'm so glad to be home with my feet up right now!

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Beautiful photos!!! I need to do something like this, I love taking photos and seeing other peoples as well. Nice job.